Lana Del Rey In Lena Hoschek – ‘The Great Gatsby’ Premiere & Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

Lana Del Rey - ‘The Great Gatsby’ Premiere & Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

Lana Del Rey closes today coverage from day 1 of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

She joined a host of stars for ‘The Great Gatsby’ premiere wearing a black-and-white embroidered gown with a scalloped sweetheart neckline by Austrian designer, Lena Hoschek.

Serving up old Hollywood glam, the singer who features on the soundtrack for this movie, styled her look with retro waves, cat eyes and stunning Chopard jewels including emerald earrings.

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25 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey In Lena Hoschek – ‘The Great Gatsby’ Premiere & Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

  1. Tamia

    I put her beauty up there with Thandie Newton (i.e the very top peak of beautiful)…saying that, her style needs serious work.

    1. Lana

      Serious work? Do you not clearly see beauty at its finest? Her style needs work? No it’s so unique and revolutionary your simple mind can not even being to understand…

  2. Yeliz

    She was my favourite of the night. Old Hollywood glamour at its best. I love everything about this look.

  3. dee

    Don’t like the dress, hair is too dark, makeup is too severe. I like the earrings. She needs help in the style dept.

    1. jo

      +1 and she needs to work on her attitude in my opinion a little more confidence could’ve made it a better look

  4. Nat39

    The jewels are gorgeous, and I’m loving the retro waves, the eye makeup is a bit overdone imo, the gown is lovely but nothing to get excited about. Lovely enough but doesn’t stand out much to me.

  5. Marybeth

    Very, very nice! She has managed to blend old Hollywood glamour with the latest black-and-white trend. Big thumbs up!

  6. Alicat

    This is a gorgeous gown. I love the intricate embroidery and the way the it has been incorporated into the design of the dress. The fit and styling of the bodice is particularly beautiful. I adore the vintage inspiration for her hair. What lets this look down is her makeup. The eye makeup is too harsh and obvious and the lip colour too matte and dark.

  7. Markness

    I love the gown. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? I love her song “Young and Beautiful” AND THE MUSIC VIDEO VERSION WAS WAAYYYY BETTER :D

  8. EmmaWoodhouse

    Her styling is superb, and I love the gown from the bust down. That neckline is bothering me.

  9. Joy

    I keep coming back to this dress, not sure why. Maybe I’m mystified because you haven’t listed the designer of the gown? The suspense is causing me to be intrigued. Something about it I really like. I think she lets the dress down considerably with her overdone makeup and harsh hairstyle. This dress could have been so sophisticated. I love her earrings though.

  10. Noemi

    I’m not crazy about the dress, honestly, I expected something better and more dramatic from her, but she looks amazing, anyway. The emerald ring is a dream.

  11. Anna

    Her dress is by the german designer Lena Hoschek and it looks gorgeous!!! Fits her perfectly and really captures her style and the glamourish hollywood vibe.

  12. Mary

    Lana Del Rey is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m glad that she kept her famous waves and characteristic cat eye make up (although for some reason I felt the eye make up should’ve been more pronounced at the edges).

    But the dress? Absolutely hated it! The design of the dress on the upper body area was acceptable,and I have no problem with the style of the dress, since it really suits her silhouette, but the pattern looked ridiculous and granny-ish.

    Overall she looked great from head to hips, but from there on, it’s an absolute disaster..

  13. Moxie

    Love everything but the lip color. She, Nicole and Zhang Yuqi are my top 3 on Day 1. So hard to pick just one!

  14. Jess2

    The dress is very beautiful. I won’t say I love her eye makeup but overall I think her styling is lovely.


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