Alice Eve In Gucci – ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Mexico Premiere

Alice Eve In Gucci - ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Mexico Premiere

Alice Eve joined Zoe Saldana on the red carpet for the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Mexico premiere.

The British actress wore her second look from the Gucci Pre-Fall 2013 collection.

Her frock featured a netted high-neck top, olive strappy top and black velvet skirt.

While I like the look, it feels a tad dark for a premiere in Mexico. I think Zoe had the right idea by opting for something spring-like, despite her look also being a Fall look.

Wavy tresses with side-swept bangs once again – I guess she’s figured out that this style is working better for her – and black pumps provided the finishing touches.

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7 thoughts on “Alice Eve In Gucci – ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Mexico Premiere

  1. Nat39

    Way too heavy and fall-like, her dull styling isn´t helping – with the conservative pumps and length and in black and without any inspiring accessories, it all looks so dull, gloomy and mature. A sexier shoe and an accessory (clutch/bracelet) or a brighter lippie to liven it up would´ve helped.

  2. Anj

    I like this entire outfit but I wish she’d followed through with her makeup. It’s sultry and dark so a strong lip color would not be remiss or a darker shadow.

  3. Yeliz

    It might be not a season appropriate look, but I still think that she looks gorgeous. I much prefer this look to Zoe’s.

  4. justme

    I like that she went all black (well minus that green top) while Zoe went all white. In pics of them standing together, it looks awesome lol.

  5. EmmaWoodhouse

    I love this dress. The top is lined in a way I wish Rosie HW’s had been at the Met. Alice’s hair doesn’t go, but otherwise it’s a great look imo, and I did not like Zoe’s.


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