Hannah Simone In Tory Burch – Screening And Q&A For Fox’s ‘New Girl’

Hannah Simone In Tory Burch - Screening And Q&A For Fox's 'New Girl'

Hannah Simone joined her on-screen BFF Zooey Deschanel at a screening and Q&A for their hit TV show, ‘New Girl,’ at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre earlier this week in Hollywood.

The actress flashed a wide smile in her Tory Burch Spring 2013 frock.

The turquoise-and-cerulean printed dress was styled with prairie charm on the runway. But Hannah significantly pared down the bohemian spirit by removing the embellishment and wearing a pair of nude sandals that I barely noticed, so much did they blend in to her bronzed pins.

Rather, it was her ice-blue pedicure that caught my eye. Glossy long waves and a rose pout finished the ensemble.

The look was pretty enough, but minus any accessories and with the dress shortened to above the knee, it all translated as a bit too twee for my taste—especially for this sassy, 30-something starlet.

You can buy Hannah’s Tory Burch ‘Ramona’ dress from ToryBurch.com and Nordstrom.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

16 thoughts on “Hannah Simone In Tory Burch – Screening And Q&A For Fox’s ‘New Girl’

  1. dee

    This is so much better on Hannah. Love that she shortened the dress. The shoes are nice and love the pedi.

  2. Noemi

    This dress would be lovely on Elle Fanning or somebody of her age. A girl of her age should wear it to go to the beach, not for an event like this, in my opinion.

  3. justme

    It is a bit too twee but overall, I don’t mind. Love the nail polish on her toes btw.

  4. Marybeth

    I like the dress and don’t mind the length but the overall effect is a touch off.
    I think it’s the hair that gives this too much of a little-girl vibe to suit me.

    Maybe the “New Girl” producers sent out a memo telling everyone to dress half their age! :lol:

  5. Anj

    I love this look. It’s season appropriate, classic, and light. She looks cute. Women don’t always have

  6. TeaAtTwo

    A cute, fresh dress I would wear. I prefer her styling and length over the runway’s. She looks neither twee nor anywhere near 30 to me.

  7. Nat39

    With her presentation this is def. way too young for her, I thought I was looking at someone of Bella Thorne’s age. The shoes are way too muted, she needed a more visible sandal.


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