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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Gucci Silk Gown

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Gucci Silk Gown

  • Derro

    How is it that Kate Hudson’s uncreative prom dress is winning? (Tiffany blue at a Tiffany event? Really? It’s like Rachel Zoe isn’t even trying anymore…) And over the delightful and fresh Stephanie Rolland gown worn by Janice Man! Sometimes I do not understand the readers of this site!

    PS Carey Mulligan’s VB suit should be on the poll too!

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Cate Blanchett and Dita are my favorites–such classic elegance. Special shout-outs to Gwyneth, Emma, Miranda, Pace, and Anna–plus I liked elements of Jessica Biel’s look and Janice’s look.
    As for men…Armie Hammer, Eddie Redmayne, and Chris Pine all looked FANTASTIC. The others look good too but those three were my faves.
    Have a great weekened, FC!

  • Henrique

    Cate, then Pace Wu, then Anna. And Zachary – love the yellow touch.

  • MaddyEliza

    No Jiang Yi Yan in Basil Soda Couture?! :'( She was BY FAR my best dressed this week…just like Olga Kurylenko in Balmain last week. :'( So disappointing. I don’t know who I’ll vote for now…either Emma Watson, Kate Hudson, or Jessica Biel I suppose.
    As for then men, ooh this is tough! I LOVE Chris Pine’s double-breasted tux SO MUCH, but then there’s Eddie Redmayne!! How can I not vote for him?! Lol

    • MaddyEliza

      Update: I ended up voting for Jessica Biel and Chris Pine. Jessica looked so beautiful. Her gown was gorgeous (who can resist a Saab?!) and her hair was so pretty. I was so impressed. 🙂 As for Chris Pine, I just LOVE a double-breasted tux, and he wears it so well!! I feel bad for not voting for Eddie Redmaynr though…I think this is the first time he’s been featured in a poll and I haven’t voted for him.

  • e

    Kate Hudson was flawless and the color of the dress divine.

  • justme

    Jessica Biel and Zac Efron for me.

  • Oscar

    I hope somebody agrees with me in this, but, I hate when you put gowns and short dresses as BDOTW, ’cause 90% of the times, people will choose gowns ’cause women look like angels with them… Just my humble opinion…

  • Bec

    Uggggh, seriously when will the readers of this site get over Eddie Redmayne? He looks average at best, I’ve saw guys at the shops wearing similar outfits and you’re voting him ahead of the other 7 men who all look amazingly dapper in suits? Please.

  • Alina

    Pace Wu in Roland Mouret
    Robert Downey Jr in Gucci

    Have a great weekend, FC!

  • CreoleLady

    Mesmerized by Pace Wu and Zoe Saldana, can’t decide. Both are totally working their distinctive looks h2t. Honorable mention for Emma Roberts, loved her in the violet-blue Cushnie&Ochs.

    As for the men, would give my vote to Downey but dislike the shoes, considered Redmayne but dislike his hair. Voting for Chris Pine because I like everything.

  • Aline

    Chris Pine gets my vote, he looks so handsome!

    As for the girls, I’m extremely torn between Janice, Dita and Kate.

  • Marybeth

    Janice Man in Stephane Rolland. Although I would have preferred gold to silver accessories and thus would not call the look “perfect,” the combination of elegance and edginess enchants me.

    It’s hard to pick a runner-up because there are 3 or 4 looks that I like equally. I guess I would choose Cate Blanchett in Martin Grant. So classy, so chic, so easy, so perfect.

    As for the men, Chris Pine. I’m not crazy about double-breasted jackets but his look has won me over.

  • SilentVisitor

    Ladies: Janice Man, Jessica Biel and Dita von Teese
    With Cate Blanchett and Miranda Kerr as runner-ups.

    Men: Chris Pine

  • Rita

    I just LOVE Karolina Kurkova! I think I always vote for her when she’s in this poll… I would wear what she’s wearing in a heartbeat. I think Kate looks beautiful (obviously) but something isn’t just right

  • Cris

    Why Hilary Rhode is not includedfor the vote? She looked superb.

  • Amy

    My fave among the women: Janice Man(flawless) and Jessica Biel.
    Men: Chris Pine looks very dapper. Eddie is runner up

  • Rafael

    WHERE THE HELL IS HILARY RHODA IN DONNA KARAN AT THE TIFFANY’S BALL? She deserves more than Cate Blanchet, Zoe Saldana or Emma Watson to be here!! Just sayin…

  • Nat39

    My vote goes to Janice Man in Stephane Rolland Couture – a strong, edgy, totally unexpected and beautifully carried off look, an easy choice for me.
    Jessica Biel who looked so beautiful in a gorgeous Elie Saab gown, with that delightful brooch in her pretty wavy hair, is my runner-up. My only complaint is that it felt a bit too fall-like.

    Kate Hudson’s look isn’t working for me at all, it’s too cheesy/bridesmaidy and sweet for her, much preferred her in black Ann Taylor dress – sleek, chic and sexy, this type of look works so much better for Kate.

    In menswear, it’s between Chris Pine and Eddie, find both equally deserving, the two strongest looks. Going with a non-suit look for a change – Eddie looked so cool and handsome and well put-together in his more casual look, that leather biker jacket is fabulous, and those slim-fit chinos were fantastic on him – everything fit impeccably and looked picture-perfect on him. Chris Pine – close runner-up. but I’ll be happy if any of these two wins.

  • Cate Blanchett and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This is the first time I didn’t vote for Eddie Redmayne, my second choice.

  • TeaAtTwo

    A good week of fashion. Janice, Carey Mulligan in Victoria Beckham or Jessica are who I’d give the title to. Chris pine gets the men’s award followed closely by Zachary Levi and Armie Hammer.

  • JJovana3

    Gee, shocking. Barbie-type boring dress won again.

    • Nat39

      On this occasion I also strongly disagree with Kate Hudson winning, it’s one cheesy look, there is some good competition this week.

    • amparo


    • Tina

      Same. A little disappointed that Kate Hudson’s pretty but not very interesting dress won against Janice Man’s creative and edgy look. Sigh.

  • Yeliz

    Kate Hudson in Reem Acra followed very closely by Jessica Biel in Elie Saab. J’adore both looks.

    My best dress man in Zachary Levi in Vivienne Westwood MAN.

  • gabis

    Hard to choose, so many great options, but my vote went for Janice Man in her flawless Stéphane Rolland Couture. Runner-up is a tie between Pace Wu and Cate Blanchett. Jessica Biel comes in third.
    As for the men, Chris Pine is my choice.

  • Maria S.

    I wanted to vote an edgy look this time, but I went for mermaid-pretty after all. Kate Hudson in Reem Acra is just too beautiful to pass.

    Men-wise, despite all the great ties this week, my vote belongs to Eddie Redmayne. I can look at him all day!

  • Lara

    Kate in the black dress with the gold shoes was actually my favourite, but from this poll Kate in the Reem Acra was next best.

    • Camille

      I agree, I liked Kate in the black dress better but she’s stunning in both.

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