Olga Kurylenko In Christian Dior – ‘To The Wonder’ LA Premiere

Olga Kurylenko In Christian Dior - 'To The Wonder' LA Premiere

Olga Kurylenko walked the red carpet at the ‘To The Wonder’ movie premiere in Los Angeles last night.

The ‘Oblivion’ actress wore a delicate Christian Dior Spring 2013 gown.

While the blush-hued, high-to-low hemmed dress is lovely, I am still left underwhelmed. An interesting hair style, a dramatic pair of sandals or a brightly colored bracelet would have all helped amp up the volume.

Still, while no one will remember Olga’s look here, it isn’t a disaster. She looks perfectly nice.

Do you agree? Does the look need a little more?

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18 thoughts on “Olga Kurylenko In Christian Dior – ‘To The Wonder’ LA Premiere

  1. Lee Ann

    Given some of the amazing jewellry that Dior has it is a shame not to use it. She looks very pretty but ithe look is so subtle it borders on blandness

  2. Nat39

    It is certainly not a standout look for Olga but she does look lovely. I like the very soft, delicate and understated feel of it, it works beautifully for her. A more interesting sandal and some subtle jewels to punch it up would´ve been welcome but her accessories are complementary and her look feels very light and fresh. Not the most memorable look but still thumbs up from me.

  3. Marybeth

    Very nice! She’s switching things up a lot, which is great fun for us. Here she is pretty and chic but extremely simple and understated.

    I assume (?) that she is not in the cast of “To the Wonder,” so deciding to keep things very low key seems appropriate.

  4. DSI

    Simple,elegant,effortless,chic look. Anything more would have only taken away from the look. However, i would have replaced those non-descript earrings with some diamond/rosegold studs

  5. BloodbuzzOhio

    Well, I for one, WILL remember this look. Less is more and she seems to be one of few women in Hollywood that seems to get that. Love the lack of jewelry, no tacky nail polish, makeup is subtle and simple sandals. It’s almost too good to be true.

    1. CreoleLady

      ITA. J’adore. Will love brunettes in blush pink for ever and ever, amen. She’s dazzling, can’t get over her versatility. From warrior chic to minimalist elegance. Can’t wait to see what she will wear next.

  6. cat_not_kitty

    Soft minimalism done right – fresh and simple, without being overly slick. Plus, with a face like that, you don’t need much. She’s KILLING this promo tour. So versatile – as CreoleLady said – and yet she looks completely comfortable in her own skin, no matter the look she’s going for.

  7. Regular

    I think it is memorable.. but it takes some examination of the image. The side swept hair with the multiple delicate earrings on her right ear add a certain character to the simple yet beautiful look. The clutch could’ve been different but she does look really beautiful.


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