Maggie Gyllenhaal In Kate Young for Target – Kate Young For Target Launch Event

Maggie Gyllenhaal In Kate Young for Target - Kate Young For Target Launch Event

Maggie Gyllenhaal attended the Kate Young for Target Launch Event last night in New York City.

The actress represented the collection in the Kate Young for Target One-Shoulder Black Star Print Dress, $89.99, accented with a Two Row Diamond Bracelet by Jacob & Co.

There are many ways of styling this dress that could have been disastrous, but Maggie looks stunning. Her gamine haircut shows off her beautiful skin, and her coral lipstick is the shade of the season.

Without trying to accessorize too much, Maggie lets this lovely dress, her perfect posture and lovely skin get all the attention. Bravo.

Credit: Target & Getty

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20 Responses to Maggie Gyllenhaal In Kate Young for Target – Kate Young For Target Launch Event

  1. Christine April 10, 2013 at 16:13 #

    I like this dress.

  2. Lara April 10, 2013 at 16:17 #

    This dress reminds me distinctly of a Lanvin (I think) dress that Maggie herself wore a couple of years ago. This look is pretty, though.

  3. Rashmi April 10, 2013 at 16:28 #

    I am wondering, how the dress isn’t overwhelming her! Kudos to her to make this work.

    • DSI April 10, 2013 at 19:59 #

      +1 true

  4. DivaDebbi (Beauty and Fashion Blog) April 10, 2013 at 16:29 #

    Not my fave. The shoulder detail is overwhelming her a bit. Lovely hair and makeup.

  5. Marybeth April 10, 2013 at 16:52 #

    I really like this.
    Contrast it with the Isabel Marant dress we last saw her in, which I thought made her look dumpy. This has nice waist definition and a good length. (I don’t like the midi length on her.) Plus, the bare shoulder keeps her free from fabric overload.

    She looks great— and Target should be very pleased!

  6. Moxie April 10, 2013 at 16:57 #

    An improvement, but I’m still underwhelmed. Maybe it is the hair that is bugging me.

  7. Kellyn April 10, 2013 at 16:58 #

    Looks like a bad knockoff of Maggie’s Lanvin dress from the Golden Globes a few years back…

  8. Rebecca Z April 10, 2013 at 17:12 #

    She looks nice tho the shoulder detail is a tad too voluminous in my opinion. Much better than the Marant. Still…don’t love this hair cut on her.

  9. Nat39 April 10, 2013 at 17:20 #

    The hair cut is so bad and really isn’t working for Maggie. She is not pulling off this look for me.

  10. Yeliz April 10, 2013 at 17:51 #

    Not liking neither the length of the dress nor her haircut.

  11. Kpriss April 10, 2013 at 18:05 #

    The dress is horrendous. That one shoulder looks more like a tumor growing on her side. Her sandals are also a big No and while we are on that, red nails on your toes and white on your fingers are a double NO.
    She is a beautiful woman and deserves much better than this .

  12. dee April 10, 2013 at 19:07 #

    This is just OK.

  13. TeaAtTwo April 10, 2013 at 22:29 #

    That hairstyle is really aging for her.

  14. kinella April 11, 2013 at 08:51 #

    it’s not really the hairstyle that is ageing for her, it’s that her eyebrows need more definition

  15. eva April 11, 2013 at 11:19 #

    frumpy, hate the short hair makes her look very matronly, the print is so ageing…

  16. kane April 11, 2013 at 22:55 #

    Missing the bright yellow spot dearly.

  17. Dhppy April 13, 2013 at 00:34 #

    I think it’s okay. I just like seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal on the red carpet because, she knows her own tastes and is consistent. She’s stylish without worrying too much about trends. It’s a relief.

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