Heidi Klum In Talbot Runhof – ‘America’s Got Talent’

Heidi Klum In Talbot Runhof - ‘America’s Got Talent’

Showing off her slender pins once again, Heidi Klum attended the New York auditions as judge of ‘America’s Got Talent’, which were held at the Rockefeller Center earlier today.

The new judge wore a Talbot Runhof Fall 2012 shimmering sequined mini dress which has been shorten by the runway; so much so that you could make another dress from the cast-off.

Adding a gold belt, gold sandals and gold earrings to this dress, I already know that some of you are about to write that Heidi is too old to be wearing a dress this short.

I have to say, I don’t really have a problem with the length.

Heidi doesn’t always make the wisest of choices on the red carpet – her hosting duties at the 2012 MTV Music Awards wearing Versace will haunt my nightmares forever – but this look is effortless and well styled, so I have no cause to grumble on this occasion.

Dolce & Gabbana gold sandals and a Givenchy belt completed her look.

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  • Its the belt that I don’t like. It would look much classier without it. She used to have such style and lately (since the divorce) it went tacky-ville 🙁 what a shame.

  • emmy

    probably not to everyone’s taste/fashion forward but she does kind of look incredible, maybe it’s just the legs…

  • Beta

    Heidi Klum is one of the worst dressed models I can think of. This is a teeny tiny bit better than her standard but still…

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    I don’t think this works on her. It’s not flattering, and yes, it’s too short. The belt on the hips is dated, and so I only like the iridescence.

  • Liana

    Heidi is gorgeous, but she can look easily tacky. This time is no exception.

    The belt on the hips (2002 anyone?) and the material doesn’t help. I don’t have a problem with the lenght : her legs are her strenght!

  • MaddyEliza

    The material of this dress is so sparkly and pretty! I want it! Lol

  • Marybeth

    The color isn’t particularly flattering to Heidi — or maybe it’s just that her make-up isn’t quite the best. But I think this is a rather nice look.

  • justme

    Honestly, I often disagree with the length police on here lol. It feels like, as soon as a dress is above the knee, some readers have a problem with it.

    Back to Heidi, she’s been through some difficult fashion times. It looks like we’re at the end of the tunnel. This is a decent look.

    • Nat39

      It’s not just about the length itself, it’s also about the wearer – when a more mature woman wears a very short length, it sometimes starts looking desperate (not always) – sometimens it works, sometimes it doesn’t, depends. On this occasion, I also think it’s nice enough, agreed.

  • gabis

    A dress with that much shimmer really didn’t need to be so short. The result is that the look ends up somewhere between tacky and desperate. But the truth is that I really dislike this dress, no matter the length.

  • dee

    Nothing really special about this look.

    • Christine

      +1 She looks much better though.

  • Amy

    too short and so deja-vu

  • Yeliz

    I have no problem with the length, but the short version of this dress looks tacky to me.

  • Nat39

    Def. too short but she does look good and with the top part of the dress being modest and balancing the very short length, I’m not going to complaint.

    • Nat39


  • Moxie

    An inch or two longer and this would have been really great.

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