Olivia Palermo In Whistles – ‘The Host’ New York Screening

Olivia Palermo In Whistles - 'The Host' New York Screening

Olivia Palermo was also spotted on the red carpet at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City yesterday for the screening of ‘The Host’, doing what she does best: mixing high-street with high-end.

Showcasing her love of leather dresses and affordable fashion, she wore a black Whistles leather dress with three-quarter-length sleeves.

I’m not at all surprised that the queen of accessorizing excelled once again.

She added a touch of pizzazz to her look with a multicoloured, tassel-accented Fendi clutch, diamond brooches on the neckline, a Cartier cuff, and another cuff with colourful stones.

An Olivia look doesn’t feel quite complete without feathers; they usually accent her clutch, but on this occasion she wore feather-festooned Aquazzura ‘Madison’ black satin ankle-strap heels.

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18 thoughts on “Olivia Palermo In Whistles – ‘The Host’ New York Screening

  1. unvacuous

    I usually like what she wears, but the fit of this looks terrible on her. Like the clutch and thats about it.

  2. Nat39

    I don’t know if she’s pregnant (really looks like she is) or the dress makes her look this way, it’s one ugly dress regardless – it’s a car seat cover/garbage bag dress, plus she went way overboard with the multicolour, tassel, brooches and feather accents.

  3. Malinda Jane

    The brooches don’t work for me at all. I don’t understand the hype around this girl’s style.

    1. sara

      Completely agree- I don’t get the fascination with her! Once in a while she does well, but generally she has WAY too much going on and it never comes together for me.

  4. Sara

    hmm, this is so unflattering. We all know she is a bean pole unless she’s pregnant. She looks like she has a hefty garbage sack on

  5. Ida

    This dress looks like one of those big black plastic bags.
    Brooches aren’t even and makes it look like she dressed herself in her sleep.
    Love the shoes, bracelets, ring and purse.
    If only she had dressed in a tighter, a bit shorter leather LBD showing off her waist and silhouette more it would be a hit!

  6. John

    The accessories are clashing horrible with each other, plus the dress has fit issues. This look is a no for me.

  7. Alicat

    She is over-accessorised. There is far too much going on – like she’s playing dress-ups. The brooch placement is random and silly. Added to that dress is shapeless and unflattering. Her hair and makeup suits her. Had to say something nice!

  8. EmmaWoodhouse

    I love her accessories and styling here…it’s that hideous garbage bag of a dress I can’t get past!

  9. Sharon

    I really like the shoes. As for the rest, I agree with those who think the dress makes her look pregnant, so if she is, it fits just fine. Otherwise she needed a better fit or a belt. The rest of the accessories seem kind of jumbled to me.

  10. GRACE

    Agree with most comments, the outfit looks very messy and I don’t like the dress at all– I find the addition of the brooches intriguing though!

  11. Rebecca Z

    I don’t think I have ever seen her look so bad. The dress is awful and the styling is sloppy and over the top. And I usually like how she looks.

  12. Chanel

    I’ve always admired Olivia, always, always, always! But I absolutely hate this look :’( Olivia, you have done so much better! What happened? This dress is so wrong for you :(


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