Adriana Lima In Alberta Ferretti – II BrazilFoundation Gala Miami

Adriana Lima In Alberta Ferretti - II BrazilFoundation Gala Miami

Adriana Lima attended the II BrazilFoundation Gala Miami 2013 held at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami, Florida yesterday evening.

It appears that the trend to wear a dress backwards is still going strong.

She took to the red carpet wearing an Alberta Ferretti Spring 2012 white gown backwards.


The white sleeveless gown with geometric cut-outs on a nude underlay has a high neckline and this just won’t do for a glamazon like Adriana, who has made her living showcasing her cleavage as a Victoria’s Secret model, so she did the old switcheroo to make her cowl-back gown a cowl-front gown.

Do you like how Adriana has made this gown look uber sexy, or has she ruined it for you?

Carla Amorim earrings completed her look

You may remember that Jada Pinkett-Smith wore this same gown, the right way, back in May last year in Tokyo.

Credit:, FameFlynet & Getty

22 thoughts on “Adriana Lima In Alberta Ferretti – II BrazilFoundation Gala Miami

  1. Fiona-Brasil

    She is just stunning and my favourite VS model by far…So she can wear
    the dress backwards.By the way, I hate the dress one way or another.

  2. Yeliz

    Jada wore this gown MUCH better, she looked so elegant, I absolutely loved it on her. On Adriana, however, I dislike the plunging neckline a lot, so it’s a no from me.

    1. Marybeth

      AMEN. On Jada the look was sleek, interesting, and classy. On Adriana, the dress has a run-of-the-mill, Hollywood-sexpot vibe.

    1. Catherine Kallon Post author

      Yes, the fit is off as a result of her wearing the dress backwards. There is more material at the front where her derrière should be

  3. Rashmi

    Oh she ruined it. Look at how Jade wore it, correct and Perfect! She looked so elegant.

    If you want to highlight your some great parts more, get a dress that does that work, why ruin something else.

  4. Kaylie

    I don’t like it backwards. It makes the material bunch in weird places on both the front and the back. Also, I don’t like the sheer part in the back. I feel like if she bends or pulls the dress down an inch or two, her butt crack will be showing.

  5. katie

    She is so beautiful she can make anything look good, the dress would not be my favourite ever but she looks fantastic none the less

  6. Lauren

    I will never understand why celebs wear dresses back to front.

    Why not just wear a cowl-front dress to behind with?

  7. Provost

    If no one had told me she was wearing the gown backwards, I wouldn’t have known. I think she looks great.

    1. Anj

      Agree. I think her version looks so much better than the runway model’s. Jada looked amazing as well because she actually has curves. Either version looks great as long as you have the body for it.

      1. Eirwen

        I’ll be rude too and make another accurate observation: she makes me feel ashamed of being Brazilian =(

  8. EmmaWoodhouse

    Jada looked very elegant, and the dress looked lined on her! On Adriana it doesn’t! Plus back to front it’s just sleazy. Sorry but this look is just trash.

  9. Sandra

    The fact that it appears Adriana is not wearing any underwear here is tasteless all by itself, but there really is something extra desperate about someone feeling the need to put a dress on backwards just to show cleavage. Unsurprisingly, the dress sits well neither at the front or the back.

    It’s frankly quite baffling. Goodness knows she has the body to pull this dress off the right way around…

    Next time, just get a dress with a real v-neck, okay?

  10. mandy

    no faulting her. we all have our stereotypes on VS models but her look is flawless here. People would not even realized she wore it back to front because she wore it so well ! I love the lack of accessories and the side swept hair.. and that tan on her is just beautiful. Stunning without even trying.

  11. Jess2

    I liked this dress so much more on Jada, I thought she looked elegant and beautiful. I even thought Jada looked better than the runway model. While I don’t find this look too tacky or too sexy, it is when you compare it to Jada.


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