Mariah Carey In Alexander McQueen – American Idol

Mariah Carey In Alexander McQueen - American Idol

Since Jennifer Lopez left ‘American Idol’, I’ve totally lost interest in the show.

I perked up briefly when Mariah Carey was announced as the new judge, but having to put up with Nicki Minaj was too much to bear so I tuned the show right out.

After seeing this picture on twitter, I may have to revise this as Mariah looked stunning, on what I believe was Wednesday night’s show, wearing an Alexander McQueen Resort 2013 halter gown.

Her breathtaking black gown with gold embroidery details featured cut-outs at the sides, but not at the midriff as presented in the look book.

You may remember that Freida Pinto wore this same gown back in September; however, on her dress the cut-out at the midriff was perfectly intact.

Credit: & @MariahCarey Twitter

33 thoughts on “Mariah Carey In Alexander McQueen – American Idol

  1. asherlev1

    Ohhh! I saw this on screen, but I didn’t recognize it as the same dress Freido wore, since I could only see the top half.

    Nicki actually gives far more valid critique than Mariah, to be honest. Nicki can get a little silly sometimes, but I think she’s a far more valuable judge. But most of the contestants this year are really boring. DDD: Gosh, sorry, I have a lot of American Idol feelings, and this isn’t really the forum to talk about them. XP

  2. AW

    I agree that this gown is lovely.

    It’s unfortunate that it’s on Mariah with the same old tired hair and “try too hard” but at least she covered her cleavage. Kuddos for that….

  3. DCD

    Good choice with ditching the midriff cut. Much more age appropriate.
    She literally wears a floor length gown EVERY WEEK on American Idol. And I absolutely love it!

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    An improvement, but it’s still kind of her usual tight, flashy, etc. Not liking the side cutouts.

  5. Yeliz

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I think Mariah wore it best. The gown looks much better without the cut-out at the midriff.

  6. gabis

    Pretty sure McQueen is writhing in his grave after this. Mariah Carey is not a McQueen girl so it is no surprise to see her ruinning this incredible gown.
    On a side note, this dress looks absolutely fantastic with the belt. I don’t why celebrities insist on not wearing it.

  7. Michael

    All you people hatin on Mariah need to get a life. Probably some tired ass woman who feel the need to put down other woman to make themselves feel better. Mariah looks amazing! The gown looks amazing on her. And those of you commenting on Mariah looking the same as she always does….so what! Mariah doesn’t need to constantly change her look to over compensate for lack of talent ie Madonna and basically every other musician out there. Mariah is a diva with true talent with the voice of an angel, that is all she needs! You people are ridiculous!

    1. Catherine Kallon Post author

      You can put your point across without being so insulting to others. Just an FYI for next time.

    2. gabis

      Nobody is “hatin” on anyone here except youself. This is a blog about fashion and celebrities are “judged” according to how and what they wear. There are a lot of ups and downs when it comes to fashion, some people get it right and some just doesn’t. Some people will love it and some will not. If you can’t handle criticism and different opinions you should not visit fashion blogs or any other blog for that matter.

      1. Michael

        Listen sweety, I’ve gone through every page on here under ‘Mariah Carey’ and have seen the hate directed at her. Simply because she is MARIAH CAREY and nothing else. She’s an easy target. She looks fabulous in a certain outfit, yet people criticize her because it’s her. Don’t try and educate me, I know exactly what I am talking about.

        1. Anonymous


          I know this is late, as I’m just discovering this amazing site, but THANK YOU!! People simply want to be negative bcus it is Mariah Carey! What negative is to be said for what she has on and how she looks here?? NOT.A.THING. AND IN.THAT.ORDER!! SMH


          Ma’am or sir, you were being very hateful in your last post! You were NOT just judging a dress, you were judging the person in it. Sorry you are not intelligent enough to see the shade you wrote. Good Day

  8. Beverly

    Wow she’s been upping her game lately–after checking her Twitter, she wore Tom Ford, Roland Mouret etc. on the show! I think she’s finally making an effort, though I wish the fit could have been better for some of the outfits.

  9. Amy

    well, she made an effort! kudos!
    I think she looks good and thank god she got rid of the midriff thing. Nice gown

  10. Anony Mous

    I 100% agree with Michael. Mariah Carey illicits such unfair criticism about her fashion choices. Mariah has finally been dressing age appropriate as of late! And wearing higher end designers instead of custom made knockoffs. Mariah’s hair and makeup are always flawless. Mariah doesn’t need to change up her hair or dressing in gowns….because her true talent outshines Lady GaGa and Madonna distracting all of you with their constant change of style. I have also read all of the comments about Mariah on this site, and agree that she can’t catch a break with the majority of you. But Mariah ultimately deserves the credit for finally stepping up her fashion. Btw, Nicki Minaj is a joke of a judge. Nicki is not a better judge than anyone, because she tries to distract everyone by commenting on the outfits. At least Mariah is trying to positively critique the contestants with legitimate mucio knowledge. And Nicki’s fashion has been boring as of late.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree but with you……but Mariah has not worn “knock-offs”! She simply has worn things by HIGH END DESIGNERS that are NOT flattering to her figure! She has a REAL body and she is not sample size 0 so the pulls they do for her have to be altered, making them seem un flattering to her figure. Love ur comment but I know you know better than to thing she wore custom knock offs! lol

  11. Alicat

    Love the dress on the model with the belt. Mariah wears it well but differently due to her voluptuous figure. A good choice for her.

  12. Prudence

    Yes this is totally too much for her to be sitting as a judge on a tv show but she still looks fab. She has never looked better in my opinion.

  13. Styler

    Wow lately she’s been looking amazing, pls feature her few previous dresses, there ws one non-gown number I desperately want to know who it’s by, it was cream and ivory just below the knee. I died


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