Alexa Chung In Carven – The Big British Invite

Alexa Chung In Carven - The Big British Invite

Alexa Chung attended The Big British Invite at 78 Mercer Street in New York City yesterday evening in her ongoing efforts to champion all things great about Britain overseas, which is her ambassadorial role.

However, she was feeling very Parisian when it came to her look, wearing a Carven Spring 2013 ensemble.

The look consisted of a tailored cotton-faille jacket with a notched collar and heart-shaped cut-out midsection, which she styled with a matching A-line skirt and a simple white shirt.

It’s not often we see Alexa in something so tailored; her looks often have a looser-fitting schoolgirl vibe to them.

She styled the look with black accessories, including pointy pumps and a pineapple brooch.

This brooch could be something of a good luck charm as she has been spotted wearing it a few times before.

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16 thoughts on “Alexa Chung In Carven – The Big British Invite

  1. Charlotte

    I like this look, except for the shoes ! She could have picked so much better.
    But still, she looks great.

  2. TeaAtTwo

    I like the suit with the stomach not being exposed, though accessories were poor.
    Considering the event- should she have worn a British label?

  3. Rebecca Z

    I think she looks outstanding. I really like this imaginative suit and she wears it well. The clutch is a little large and the shoes a little dull, but I would still nominate this for BDOTW. A shock because I usually think she looks pretty awful.

  4. Anj

    I actually really like this whole outfit but she’s so thin that it’s overwhelming on her. The appeal is just lost because of it.

    On another note, I recently heard her voice and it only adds to me not understanding why she’s famous. She sounds like she smokes 20 packs a day- literally like one of those people with a whole in their throat. How has she presented and been on tv????

  5. Alicat

    I like the jacket on her but such a flared skirt makes her thin legs look like toothpicks. For someone who is supposed to be a fashion icon, the styling is terrible. Too much hair over her face and shoulders, clutch too big and black and the shoe choice is ho hum.


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