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Rosario Dawson In Jenny Packham – ‘Trance’ London Premiere

Rosario Dawson In Jenny Packham - 'Trance' London Premiere

Rosario Dawson took to the red carpet this evening in London on a night where it thankfully didn’t rain for the premiere of Danny Boyle’s new movie, ‘Trance’.

I must admit I was expecting her to be quite uninspiring on this tour, like Paula Patton or Salma Hayek; however, she made me stand up and take notice, and even do a double take, as she looked stunning wearing a Jenny Packham gown.

Her striking full-length sequinned and beaded crimson gown was styled with an elegant updo, subtle jewels and a Ferragamo gold-trimmed ruby clutch.

It’s been a while since Rosario qualified for a place in the BDOTW poll… this more than qualifies.

I hope this is the standard she will keep to throughout this promo tour.

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  • dee

    Upon further review, I think she looks fabulous. The best she ever looked. BDOTW contender.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    WOW. Who is this girl? She hasn’t looked this good in ages–if not ever!!! BDOTW contender FOR SURE, this look is absolutely flawless and stunning…wouldn’t change a thing!

  • Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Hands off guys!!! This sexy lady is on fire!!! Rosario Dawson clearly didn’t disappoint us in this dazzling ruby red sequinned creation with a bare back by Jenny Packham!! Love how she kept things simple with a classy side bun and jazz it up with a slash of coral lipstick!!! Oh My Gosh, definitely a strong BDOTW contender!!! Rosario is picture perfect and glamorous from head to toe!!! Fabulous!!!

  • the ogre

    i am awestruck really. this gown is beautiful and i love her simple styling too. her make up and hair is also perfect. she looks breathtaking. this gown doesn’t really need too much make up or accessories. i feel utterly thankful that she has let the gown shine on its own while she basks in the afterglow.

  • TL


  • Yeliz

    The dress is stunning and she styled it beautifully. Yes, BDOTW worthy.

  • Malinda Jane

    The back of this dress is amaaaazing. She looks great.

  • adrian

    WHile she looks great, I think my issue is that there’s a shapelessness to it. I am trying to determine if it’s a glam’d up, boho-chic kind of thing/fit, if it’s the color and/or blending in with the carpet, or if it is just not flattering her figure as much as it could.

    • dee

      I agree.

  • Alex


    • SilentVisitor


  • Leti

    This is, hands down, the best she’s ever looked. The gown is stunning, especially from the back. If I were to quibble, I could wish for some more definition in the waist, just because Rosario is unfortunately this waisted.

  • Moxie

    Absolutely gorgeous dress, but there’s something missing. Maybe its the hairdo or the lackluster posing.

  • asherlev1

    BDOTW contender for suuure!

    • Anj


    • Neli

      + 2

  • Christine

    Gorgeous dress.

  • Nat39

    The colour is striking, love the design of the back – it’s spectacular, wish it looked a bit more figure-flattering from the front, but it’s a gorgeous look, a BDOTW contender, agreed.

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