Diane Kruger In Victoria, Victoria Beckham – ‘The Host’ LA Press Conference

Diane Kruger In Victoria Beckham - ‘The Host’ LA Press Conference

Following her book store appearance at The Grove on Friday, Diane Kruger was out promoting her latest movie, ‘The Host’, again at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverley Hills, California.

Sadly, there isn’t a full-length picture, but you can get the gist of her look, which features a white shirt/dress and sleeveless blazer/dress from Victoria, Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2013 collection which is very much on trend.

Since we can’t see her shoes, we’ll focus on her Barbara Bui jewels from the Spring 2013 collection, which included a sterling-silver chain necklace and a matching bracelet, which some may consider heavy for such a look, but maybe the look would’ve been too one-dimensional without these accessories.

Keeping the same dark manicure from her previous outing, Diane opted for a simple ponytail on this occasion.


Credit: Famous & Getty

15 thoughts on “Diane Kruger In Victoria, Victoria Beckham – ‘The Host’ LA Press Conference

  1. J

    Love it. The necklace makes the look. I’d have to say if she’s resorting to a Stephenie Meyer’s adaptation, she needs fashion more than ever.

  2. Nat39

    Too ´schoolgirl uniform´, I can give the bracelet a pass, it adds some edge to the look without being jarring, but the necklace does not belong.

  3. Anj

    This is a lovely look. Sometimes I don’t like the proportions of her frequent structural pieces but this is a great dress. I would’ve chosen another necklace myself but hers isn’t terrible.

  4. LizLemooooooon

    This is perfect from head to toe.
    I’d wear this in a heartbeat, from the hairstyle, to the make up and the accessories. It’s fashionable, chic and event appropriate.
    Love it.

  5. Evil Britta

    The peeking white at the bottom reminds me of that Blake Lively disaster, with the tucked in shirt. The top half is great, but i can’t get past that part and the cheap looking bracelets.

  6. EmmaWoodhouse

    If it were longer, and belted like on the model, I’d love it! As it is–kind of short and shapeless. Like the jewelry, though.


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