Hair & Makeup

Thank you for all your votes over the past few weeks.

The final pieces to the puzzle were the hair and makeup.

For the hair, you selected the wavy faux bob and for the makeup you preferred the ‘Sunset Starlet’ look.

Tomorrow I will be attending the InStyle Oscar Viewing Party and the Elton John party. Taking to the red carpet at the main event is unfortunately not going to happen, but the parties will be a fun place to watch the event and mingle with celebs.

I’m not allowed to report live from the events; so no tweeting or instagraming, sadly, but I will promise do a post on the everything afterwards.

Thanks again for all your support.

UPDATE: I will be allowed one picture from inside the InStyle party and plenty from the Elton John party so make sure you follow me on instagram and twitter for as many updates as my battery will allow.