Hair & Makeup Finale Looks For My Roland Mouret Gown

Hair & Makeup

Thank you for all your votes over the past few weeks.

The final pieces to the puzzle were the hair and makeup.

For the hair, you selected the wavy faux bob and for the makeup you preferred the ‘Sunset Starlet’ look.

Tomorrow I will be attending the InStyle Oscar Viewing Party and the Elton John party. Taking to the red carpet at the main event is unfortunately not going to happen, but the parties will be a fun place to watch the event and mingle with celebs.

I’m not allowed to report live from the events; so no tweeting or instagraming, sadly, but I will promise do a post on the everything afterwards.

Thanks again for all your support.

UPDATE: I will be allowed one picture from inside the InStyle party and plenty from the Elton John party so make sure you follow me on instagram and twitter for as many updates as my battery will allow.

Quvenzhane Wallis In Stella McCartney - 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Quvenzhane Wallis In Stella McCartney – 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Independent Spirit Awards Menswear Round Up

Independent Spirit Awards Menswear Round Up

  • Fiona

    Aw! I thought you were originally going to the main event? Were you originally going and then decided not to? Or were you just going to the parties from the beginning? That sucks, I’m sorry, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time nonetheless. Will you be going to the Vanity Fair party as well? Hope you have fun! Good luck!

  • dunzoo

    Have fun FC! Try not to faint if you bump into Alexander Skarsgard 😉

  • Dan Oliver

    I hope you have a great night no doubt you will and I’m sure you will look amazing So happy with the hair and make up looks. I love this website you work really hard and deserve all the success.

  • Cole

    I can’t wait to see pictures of you in your Oscar look. You will look gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing all your Instagram photos and finding out which celebrities you rub elbows with. Have a fabulous time!

  • MaddyEliza

    Ahhh!! I am SO excited for you and SO excited to see your final look!! I’m so sorry you don’t get to go to the Oscars–I thought you were–but you’re going to have an amazing time at the parties!! 🙂 We love you FC!! Have a blast!! xx

    • Catherine Kallon

      thanks my dear…can’t wait to show you guys

  • Kathy

    Wow, this is so exciting! You deserve this opportunity after all your nonstop hard work. Hope you have fun out there! I have no doubt that you’ll look absolutely stunning and blow the other attendees out of the water 😉 after all, dozens of RC fashion addicts can’t be wrong! Can’t wait to see pictures…

  • Badaboum

    “Taking to the red carpet at the main event is unfortunately not going to happen, but the parties will be a fun place to watch the event and mingle with celebs.”
    Oh no! Why?! That’s fine I get it: they must be scared that you might outshine the celebrities on the red carpet!

    Well, thank you for allowing us to vote on your choices, have a fantastic time and I cannot wait for the full coverage on you blog.

    Enjoy 🙂 !

    • Catherine Kallon

      too much red tape

      • Badaboum

        Sorry to hear this 🙁
        I am sure you will have great time a these 2 parties, you deserve it!

  • TLO

    “Tomorrow I will be attending the InStyle Oscar Viewing Party and the Elton John party.”

    That’s even better, you’ll get too see all the celebrities (and gowns) up close. Have an amazing time, darling! XO

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Yay, both my choices won!!!!!! You will look beyond gorgeous, FC! Sorry that you won’t be attending the main event, but I know you will have an awesome time at the parties!!! Yay!

    • Catherine Kallon

      thanks for your votes.

      Yes, I will do….can’t wait.

  • justme

    Have fun, party like a rockstar and if you see Ryan Gosling, tell him I love him, jk.

  • jones19

    Cannot wait to see pics of you! I’m hoping you’ll get some great inside scoop, have fun 🙂

  • Cookie

    You go FC! We love ya!

  • Neli

    Have the most amazing time! You deserv it! xx

  • Lisa-Kaye

    Hope you have a wonderful time FC, you deserve it. Can’t wait to see your finished look, I’m sure you will look radiant. Enjoy 🙂 xx

  • Kaz

    Have a wonderful time! How exciting! Cannot wait to see you looking beautiful in your ensemble. Have a champers for us xx

  • angela

    FC, thank you very much for sharing all tbe experience with us! It will be great to see you on the red carpet with tne look we’ve “selected” for you.

  • Stel

    The only part of the look I didn’t vote for is the hair. But I was between the fax bob and the bun, so I win anyway! We expect your pic before the ceremony! Have fun for all of us!

  • msd

    I was hoping for you that you’d get to the main event too but I imagine they have strict rules about that. Hope you aren’t disappointed. Don’t worry about us though, your dress will keep us occupied – I’m expecting a few hundred comments at least. Elton’s party always looks like a blast. Have fun!

  • Teleholic

    Get it girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl

  • joseph

    i do not know if i missed the post on whihc accessories you have finalized on? whihc one is it 😕

  • Yeliz

    You are probably going to be one of the best dressed at the after parties, FC, you will look stunning. I also thought you were going to attend the main event, but the after parties are probably even more fun, so enjoy yourself and don’t worry about your blog and your posts, I’m sure we all can be patient. Can’t wait to see your post of your look before you leave, though!

  • JD

    Thanks for letting us participate in your Oscar style journey/adventure. It was so generous of you to share this experience with us. Have the most amazing time =)

  • Ruth

    Thank you for allowing us to vote on your choices. I hope you have a fantastic time! I’m looking forward to seeing your photo with the final choices. 🙂

  • T from Sydney

    Have a wonderful time FC!!!

    I can’t wait till we see the final outfit!!!!!!

    Why can’t you tweet/instagram live?? Are you allowed to take pictures then post later??

    • Catherine Kallon

      this has changed now. One from Instyle and as many as I wish from Elton

      FC x

      • Thomas Monks

        only one from InStyle? Choose carefully lol have a great time tonight FC you have worked incredibly hard to earn this

        • Catherine Kallon

          thank you x

  • Jess2

    You are going to look so stunningly beautiful! I am so excited for you and so excited to hear about it all afterwards. I really hope you love your look and hope you have the most amazing time!
    Thank you so so so much for allowing us to be apart of such an amazing experience 😀
    Lots of love xo

  • TeaAtTwo

    So excited for you, Catherine! Knock ’em dead. 🙂

  • On behalf of all of us readers, we are so excited for you Catherine! Knock ’em dead….and look gorgeous <3 Cannot wait to see the entire look all put together!

    • Fiona-Brasil


    • CreoleLady


  • PePe

    You will keep the dress?

  • TL

    Have fun FC, enjoy your time and we will wait for your Oscar coverage.
    PS. Can we see your photo of the whole Roland Mouret look before the red carpet?

    • Catherine Kallon

      yes I will be posting it before I leave.

      • Rashmi

        Thankkkk god ! I was going to ask the same question .. Well am refreshing my twitter from now ..hehe

        Am Getting goosebumps FC … I have no idea what you will be feeling :O

        Go girl..yooooooooo !!!

        • Rashmi

          Oh btw… Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for the hairdo and the makeup.. They were the best choices !!!!

          ps : we want a pic of your close up too 😀

          • Catherine Kallon

            yes, will do x

  • Ayesha

    wow so beautiful,i love the bob and your whole look.

  • Christine

    Wait, I thought you were going to go to the Oscars? Like the main event! Did we assumed wrong? Sorry FC. I still look forward to to your post after the parties and to see your dress/look.

    Have fun for us! We are rooting for you. xx

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