Nicole Kidman In Vera Wang – 2013 Grammy Awards

Nicole Kidman In Vera Wang S13 -2013 Grammys

Nicole Kidman was the ‘plus one’ to her musical hubby Keith Urban at the 2013 Grammy Awards, hosted on Sunday evening at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

But the actress didn’t downplay her red-carpet entrance at the event, selecting a Vera Wang dress that was lovely on her statuesque frame.

The soft metallic gown featured a delicate lacy overlay, as it flaunted the very-familiar sheer trend from the mid-thigh down.

Fred Leighton jewels, along with Nicole’s straight hair and radiant nude makeup, provided just the right edge for this glamorous design.

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31 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman In Vera Wang – 2013 Grammy Awards

    1. Kane

      Not her best! I think she is good in anything except L’wren Scott! I want to see her in Marchesa for Oscar! Hope she is not picking a gown from her favorite designer!

  1. Angela

    It’s a no from me. This gown is unflattering and does nothing for her body, and those shoes, if they were made for ANY look, are definitely not right for this one.

  2. robert

    Why would someone of her fashion sense wear those shoes with that dress? And I don’t like how her hair is always straight and down with such formal wear. Why can’t she style it differently?

  3. Nourhan

    On closer inspection , I don’t think they’re black.I saw another picture on Getty and they are kind of red-maroonish. Anyways , I don’t know what possessed her to wear them.

  4. Paulo

    I love how lately she’s wearing labels that she has not worn in the past! Berardi, Westwood, and now Vera Wang! Looking forward to her next look.

  5. the ogre

    this is a beautiful look! except those shoes i can fault nothing over here. look at all those details on the gown. i would want to wear something like that…sigh!

  6. ramsay

    She looks good – Not that I mind her hairdo but I do wish she was going for a chignon from time to time – Not her best make-up day – The shoes are not perfect but I do not really mind them

  7. nina

    I think her her velvet “not black but burgundy” sandals are the best part of the outfit, actually. The dress is nice be she always looks so stiff and lifeless to me…

  8. Zee

    I actually like the addition of burgundy shoes. The dress has so much bling, it wouldn’t be wise to add sparkling shoes. I am glad that she went with these instead of a black or nude pair.

  9. jeremyrain

    I still find Nicole’s new red carpet progress a snooze. She needs to let go of that “Jen Aniston” hairstyle and go crazy like Helen Mirren.

  10. EmmaWoodhouse

    Quietly elegant, pretty and subdued. Nothing really amazing–the shoes are terrible and she could have put her hair up. The dress is the best part of this look.

  11. jones19

    If only she had skipped the dark hued heels, then this would have been perfection! I also wish she would go back to red hair.

  12. MaddyEliza

    Not really a fan of this look. Hate the shoes of course, and I don’t really like the dress either. I hate the sheer skirt and the colour is not good for her. :(

  13. Grace Patricia

    She looks so plain! The dress doesn’t do any favour to her body, she looks shapeless. I miss the times of the red Balenciaga or the green Gucci one.

  14. TeaAtTwo

    I don’t hate this sheer skirt has it’s subtle with her colour and the lined skirt isn’t too short and the lace is pretty. The burgundy sandals would have made more sense if she’d had ruby earrings or something. She should do something fun with her hair though.

  15. arang

    Pretty dress, the cut looks good on her. I like the idea of burgundy shoes but agree that dark red jewels would’ve tied them in better. My biggest complaint? The dress color nearly matches her hair (at least in these pictures)! Very odd and off-putting.

  16. Teleholic

    I could’ve sworn I saw this post already with a different angle photo and something about how black shoes shouldn’t be near this gown. Am I going crazy? Was this post redone?


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