Alexa Chung In Valentino Red – 2013 Grammy Awards


In a sea of sultry sparkle and sass, Alexa Chung made a ladylike statement on the red carpet the 2013 Grammy Awards, hosted at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Sunday night.

The British DJ and TV presenter, who is sometimes known to prefer edgy, androgynous looks, was altogether girly in a Valentino Red tea-length dress.

The flirty, daisy-printed frock was paired with a grey pump, but without the flash of any jewels.

The look was undeniably pretty, but it actually seemed better suited for a spring luncheon.

Alexa kept the casual, effortless vibe going with her loosely swept-back locks. Her bold lip, painted the same colour as the red carpet, was the biggest attention-grabber here.

15 thoughts on “Alexa Chung In Valentino Red – 2013 Grammy Awards

  1. Anne

    I straight-up did not recognize her with the hair and makeup. She looks really pretty with that added glamour effort. I very much agree this seems out of place at this event, though

  2. Nat39

    Her makeup is really beautiful here, she looks pretty, too bad her sweet girly look is completely out of tune with the event.

  3. MaddyEliza

    Love the red lip, hate everything else about this look. It’s definitely not event-appropriate, but even if it were I’m not sure I’d like it.

  4. arang

    She looks beautiful, but totally event inappropriate. So much so that I’m wondering what she was thinking. But it really is a pretty look.

    1. noo

      i agree! i love the look but i would wear it to a friend’s birthday or something, definitely not the grammys. if zooey deschanel had this dress she could wear it on her show for a scene in a supermarket or something!!!

  5. Annel

    Pretty, but I just realised that I really don’t like her bangs.. They drag her style down so it always seems casual, and I miss for her to dress UP sometimes.

  6. Jess2

    Spring luncheon is exactly what came to mind. I just don’t like how Alexa fails to wear something event appropriate on a frequent basis.

  7. Umi

    I like that she tried something different, it’s really cute. I already got sick and tired of her signature look. But she still doesnt comb her hair..


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