Charlize Theron In Gucci – Cinema For Peace Gala 2013

Cinema For Peace Gala 2013

Charlize Theron was elegance personified on the red carpet for the 2013 Cinema For Peace Gala, held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Germany on Saturday night which took place during the 2013 Berlinale Film Festival.

Surprisingly, the actress wasn’t wearing Dior; instead she selected a grey satin Gucci strapless gown, which featured a gathered embellished detail at the waist.

I love the slicked-back do. I think I would’ve lacked the confidence to rock such a short hairstyle in such a chic way.

I’m also obsessed with her deep rouge lip. It was overplayed during the summer, but it adds a wicked touch to her sultry look on this occasion.

Tiffany & Co. jewels, Jimmy Choo ‘Fayme’ sandals and a silver Jimmy Choo clutch provided the finishing touches

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  • Amy

    Charlize Theron is better than the rest of us and she knows. The styling and the attitude make this look

  • ramsay

    Unless it has been renewed (but to my knowledge it hasn’t) Charlize’s 8-year contract with Dior for red carpet exclusivity on such high profile events as the Oscars, Golden Globes and SAG expired in 2012. Now anyway, she wouldn’t have been contractually obligated to wear a Dior dress to this event but many times her 8-yr contract she did wear Dior event to minor events. It’s good to see her pick this dress because there is an overdose sentiment of Simons’ for Dior on the red carpet. There is too much of it and, though a large part is indeed pretty, some is repetitive. But I guess the real test of Charlize’s relationship with Dior will be the Oscars where she will be attending as a presenter.
    On a side note, this Gucci look is OK but her beauty and the styling make it exceptional.

    • Beta

      ok thanks Ramsay, I was wondering if this dress meant that her contract had expired. Agree with you on the overdose of Raf Simons for Dior, and im a fan, but too much is too much.
      Im totally looking forwards to seeing Chalize at the oscars.
      She looks drop dead gorgeous here, posing with such aplomb.

  • Dhppy

    BDOTY potential!


  • Aline

    I don’t like this, mostly because I already don’t usually like short hair and dark lipstick, let alone combined. Plus, the dress gives me an ‘I’ve seen this a thousand times’ vibe.

    However, I’m really glad she went for Gucci, ’cause that makes me hopeful she’ll stay away from Dior now that Raf’s in charge. I can’t deal with Queen Charlize being brought down as well as Marion and Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Mol

    I can only echo all the love for this, Charlize is a superior glamizon girl, love her style!

  • Marybeth

    Gorgeous. Wonderful.
    Elegant, sophisticated, cool — perhaps even cold, though not in a bad way.

  • Jones19

    STUNNING! Love how fierce she looks.

  • TeaAtTwo

    She looks glamorous and elegant with the short hair giving a strong feel. I admire young women who rock short hair so well. The dark lip adds a dose of drama, I love it worn in winter.

  • Fromchi-town

    OMG… Bdotw… Bdoty. She shut it down!

  • Fay

    She looks like a gorgeous statue come to life! I’m glad she chose Gucci. Dior has put her in some crazy stuff like her last Oscar dress. Hope she chooses well for the Oscars. She makes elegance look so effortless!

  • Lee Ann

    This is what elegance looks like. Simply perfect.

  • kennedy

    WOW. BDOTW and BDOTY for me! Holy moly! Charlize is BACK. I’m so glad to see her back on the RC- her presence was greatly missed at the Golden Globes. She looks amazing. I hope Anne Hathaway’s stylist and makeup team takes note of how to work a short do. Charlize is so gorgeous it’s unreal.

  • justme

    Short dark hair really suits her face. Her features are striking and the lipstick is perfect.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    It’s impressive that she can rock that hair so well, and overall she looks very regal and elegant. Would have hiked the dress up a quarter inch on the left (her right) side.

  • Sarah

    I agree with you on the lipstick. When everyone was doing it late summer last year in so many cases it looked way too forced. For this look its perfect and adds so much to the overall effect. This is why I absolutely love this woman!

  • kiwi

    The gown is great etc but I am finding it difficult to look beyond her face and hair.. stunning

  • Pedro

    Wow, she looks stunning!

    So regal


  • Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Aloha Charlize Theron, how much we miss the Evil Queen!! The former SWATH star looks every bit the screen goddess in this simple blush Gucci gown, love the embellished waist detail!! That slicked back do and blood red lip is simply outstanding!! Considering her buzz cut, Charlize looked stunning!! Definitely BDOTW contender for her!! Welcome back!!

  • goddess 🙂

  • Pati

    Love it! It has that “old Hollywood glamour” vibe to it. Beautiful.

  • Jess2

    Perfection! So statuesque and elegant, BDOTW!

  • She’s fabulous, and her confidence just tops it all off!

  • Ysatis


  • rashmi

    BDOTY for me! Amazing Poise!

  • msd

    An effortless look from her. Very well done.

  • Yeliz

    This looks so BDOTW worthy. I missed Charlize on the red carpet and now seeing her looking so stunning and perfect made me happy.

  • JGH

    this woman is so beautiful i feel like she’s one of the few women who can really pull off this hair and still look glam as all hell.

  • Christine


    • dee


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