Ko Chen-Tung In Gucci - ‘Together’ Beijing Premiere

Some suits are so loud and obnoxious that the men wearing them seem like lowly attention seekers. But some men can exude confidence in a way that makes wearing such a suit possible. Ko Chen-Tung is one of those men.

Chen-Tung attended the Beijing premiere of his new film ‘Together’ on Monday wearing this Gucci Spring 2013 charcoal-and-yellow striped suit alongside co-star Angelababy

With his slim-fit, double-breasted number, the actor seems to be wearing the same Gucci loafers as the runway model.

If menswear didn’t take risks, we would see black, gray and navy everywhere.

Wearing this was a brave act, and who better to try it than one of Taiwan’s hottest young actor/singers?

Topped off with mahogany-coloured buttons, peak lapels, and a wisely buttoned-up shirt, this look hovers on the right side of the line between eccentric and crazy. This getup certainly puts Chen-Tung on the map and I applaud him for it.

Chen-Tung can do strait laced. Back in November, he attended the opening of a new Gucci store in Taipei, Taiwan wearing a much more conservative Gucci navy windowpane suit.

Credit: Style.com & Sina