Eddie Redmayne In Topman – ‘Les Miserables’ Paris Premiere

Eddie Redmayne In Topman - 'Les Miserables' Paris Premiere

It seems every time Eddie Redmayne shows his face on a red carpet he tries to one-up himself.

He did it again on Wednesday while at the Paris premiere of ‘Les Miserables’ as part of the Avenue Du Cinema Festival, alongside co-star Anne Hathaway.

For this occasion, Eddie suited up in a camel multi-fleck Topman suit and a herringbone skinny tie.

To complete the ensemble, he added a pocket square, marbled brown shoes, and a light-blue shirt with a skinny collar. Wearing skinny lapels, a skinny collar and a skinny tie shows that Eddie understands the ratios.

As he’s shown lately, Eddie looks like one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood.

These cold weather fabrics are bulky so when it’s tailored it must be snug to the body, and this suit is tailored perfectly.

Instead of a BDOTW menswear poll, it should be renamed the Eddie Redmayne poll.


You can buy Eddie’s Topman suit from Topman US and Topman UK.

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23 thoughts on “Eddie Redmayne In Topman – ‘Les Miserables’ Paris Premiere

  1. Nat

    He’s probably the only one who could make this colour work.
    Perfect as always.

    FC, maybe you should start doing Best Dressed Male polls just for “people other than Eddie Redmayne”, because right now he’s playing in a league of his own. :-D

    1. jessicamarantelli

      Agreed 150% Eddie is in a league of his own. FC loved you last comment and think that it should be all Eddie all the time but I do love the idea of a BDBER or BDSTER (Best Dressed behind or second to Eddie Redmayne) because we all know that he is away perfectly dressed and soooooo handsome.

  2. Sammy C

    I think this is the first time I can honestly say that there is nothing I like about an Eddie Redmayne look.

    Still, he keeps menswear so interesting that he could totally have his own poll. I don´t think I had ever seen one male celebrity experiment with fashion like this without resulting in it looking gimmicky. It really is something to appreciate.

  3. Rashmi

    Lol so true! Hez a cut above the rest.
    I can’t see anyone else looking so handsome in such a color.
    Oh, I love him!

  4. Marta

    How could he looks so good being not very tall, not very handsome (you know, like a Jude Law or Ryan Gosling)? And yet this man is so perfectly dress every time and looks so chic and male and lovely…

    1. Hazel

      I think he is more handsome than Goz or Law but that is just me. As for being not very tall. He is listed as 6’2″ in his IMDB page and was once a Burberry model.

      1. Molly

        I find Eddie more handsome too, but I dont generally go for guys who are “in your face” pretty like Gosling.
        Another plus for Eddie is that he has the perfect body for suits-broad shoulders and a smaller waist.
        With that being said, I hate this suit but it looks amazing on Eddie. Also, pocket square!

  5. EmmaWoodhouse

    He almost out-Ryan Goslings Ryan Gosling! LOL. His style is fresh, classy, and super sophisticated. No manpris to be seen here–just interesting well-tailored suits. The man is also practically the patron saint of the pocket square.

  6. Christine

    “Instead of a BDOTW menswear poll, it should be renamed the Eddie Redmayne poll.”

    LOL. Seriously he owns the Best Dressed Man Polls. He is shutting every red carpet down.

  7. natalia

    No sé como la hace, pero un traje en principio que no me gusta, en él luce espectacular. Todo le queda bien independientemente del corte, color o modelo.
    Fantástico y adorablr

  8. Moxie

    Love the colors, but not the fit. The button is pulling. Maybe it is the way he is standing, but the jacket looks too small to me.

  9. arang

    Lol! Yes, he’s definitely in a league of his own, at least in the celebrity pool. This is a beautifully put together and tailored ensemble. But I must confess that I really don’t like that suit color.

  10. Nat39

    Light blue and grey aren´t a very good choice to go with brown. But I like that he keeps things interesting (even though it doesn´t always work), right now he is the most exciting stylewise.

  11. TeaAtTwo

    He’s like the male equivalent of Diane Kruger- constantly picking interesting pieces but always look so classic. I like this, it’s got a teacher vibe but in cool way-like geek-chic glasses .


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