Jennfier Lawrence In Stella McCartney - 28th Santa Barbara Film Festival Outstanding Performer Of The Year Award CeremonyCollecting yet another prize for her shelf, Jennifer Lawrence was honored last night with the Outstanding Performer of Year Award at the 28th Santa Barbara Film Festival, hosted at the Arlington Theatre in California.

The ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ actress continued her blue period from the 2013 SAG Awards with this midnight-navy satin jumpsuit.

But what was so shocking was not the look’s casual edginess or its nod to androgyny, but that this Christian Dior darling debuted another designer for the red carpet, strutting out a pick from Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection.

Her sporty, gown-skipping gumption is applaudable, although I wish the strapless, sculpted top hadn’t lopped over on one side.

With her hands in pockets, sans clutch, and not a glimpse of jewels to be found, a nondescript Casadei black pump was the only accessory to this ensemble.

Jennifer’s beauty was ironically similar to the designer’s lookbook styling, with messy ombre waves and nude makeup. But it all translated as a bit lackluster; more polish would have been nice to add some glam to this one-piece.

Does this jumpsuit make you jump for joy?

Credit: & Getty