Analeigh Tipton In Barbara Bui – ‘Warm Bodies’ LA Premiere

Analeigh Tipton In Barbara Bui - ‘Warm Bodies’ LA Premiere

Analeigh Tipton joined Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult on the red carpet last night for the ‘Warm Bodies’ LA premiere in Hollywood, California.

The actress stepped out of her comfort zone to wear this Barbara Bui Spring 2013 dress.

Known for uber-feminine red carpet looks, on this occasion she donned a black leather dress with a black silk waterfall train, which is accented with a leather belt to avoid a Superman cape effect.

Her sassy dress was styled with black Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, LeVian diamond stud earrings and a silver LeVian ring.

The mood of the edgier look was completed with a purposely messy side braid.

Do you like this new look from Analeigh, or is she trying too hard?

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  • carolina roq

    her face looks very old, like in her mid thirties.

  • Lua j

    Analeigh looks lovely (minus her feet) but i prefer how the dress was styled at the runaway, it was more edgy, more rock n rollish and i think it would have suited more analeigh’s angelic face.

  • anonymous as always

    I like the outfit and the styling.I am not loving it but I like it. But her feet look really bad. She should have taken care of them a little bit…

  • Stephanie

    I would generally dislike this, but for some reason I do like it on her. I agree she really needs a pedicure, she knows they will take pictures of her feet! Just atleast slap a little nail polish on at home! If I remember correctly, she was an ice skater or dancer, so that could be the bruises…. Or she could have simply dropped something it.

  • Lei

    Love it!

  • Dhppy

    I like this look. Rowwwwrrrr!

    I’m surprised that people kept mentioning pedicure though when it’s the bruises on the foot that concerns me.

  • Christine

    Her feet look uncomfortable. And she is rocking this dress.

  • Carolina

    The dress is a total mess. Unflattering, adding pounds to a nice figure. And as others have said – the feet are awful. I do like the shoes, but I don’t know what she was thinking overall.

  • jen

    i kind of like it. but i do regret clicking on the close-up of her shoes

    • Lashae

      Totally agree. She needed to put some other type of shoes on not just b/c of how bad her toes look but she has so many bruises on her feet.

    • michelle

      Jeez, so do I. Wow. Her feet are in bad shape. Really bad.

    • jd


  • I love the dress but not on her.

  • TeaAtTwo

    I like this look, surprisingly. It’s fun with a bit of edge. Her sandals were better choice than the runway pumps but I agree with the others about she needed a pedicure. Now I kind of understand why celebs seem scared of wearing sandals on the red carpet.

  • Sara

    Clearly she wasn’t trying too hard with her feet! Girlfriend needs a pedicure like nobodies business. I could not imagine wearing open-toed anything looking like that, let alone a movie premier!

    Other than that, I like the look

    • Sara


  • Marybeth

    I don’t like the dress. It appears amateurish, the kind of thing a beginner might design and sew.
    This makes the overall effect rather cheap looking.

    I do like the shoes, which I think work better than the model’s do.

  • Joan

    I really like it. Especially love her shoes

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    This dress is beyond tacky. It’s also really unflattering.

  • NooG

    It seems effortlessly chic – I really like it.

  • justme

    I like this. I much prefer how high the belt sits on her.

    The braid was a good idea but the result is a bit too messy though.

  • Yeliz

    I like it, I think it’s edgy and cool without trying too hard. But the shoes though, they look very uncomfortable.

  • Nat39

    I find the design tacky but those sandals were a perfect choice for this look, the messy side braid isn’t working with the look and needs to go.

  • dee

    She needed a pedicure. I like this on her.

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