Isabeli Fontana In Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton Cancun Boutique Opening


Isabeli Fontana joined Miranda Kerr in Cancun, Mexico this weekend for the opening of a new Louis Vuitton boutique.

The model also wore a Spring 2013 look, but her look featured a white sequinned long-sleeved body with a neon-yellow trim, which she styled with a long skirt with sheer square panels.

I love how Isabeli pulls off this look without it coming off as tacky. I can imagine Kristen Stewart cutting this look dangerously short had she worn it.

Isabeli styled her look with a mini LV top-handle bag, nude platform pumps, a simple updo and barely-there makeup.

Does this look work for you?

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  • Jess2

    Ok so this LV look is a tad refreshing as it a step away from the same-same checkered pattern. Pretty sure we are going to see every single look from this collection though, it is getting a bit weird and incredibly predictable.

  • I don’t like the shoes. I would have kept the runway’s.

  • Ayesha

    For someone as stunning as Isabeli, anything will work. I’m not crazy about those shoes though.

  • jd

    Works for me, there’s an easy & effortless elegance here.

  • Love this from head to ankles. Not crazy about the shoes. Even white pumps are much better. The shoes look chunky in my opinion. 🙂

  • Taksi

    I think it still looks tacky but that’s how it was designed? For my personal taste, I would have preferred a short skirt whether than panties.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    If the skirt was lined, this would be the first LV Spring 2013 look that I’ve liked. Can’t get behind the sheer skirt though.

  • Lyvm

    Simply beautiful and elegant. So Grace Kelly, with a hint of naughtiness with the see through panels 🙂

  • Fanny

    It totally works! I like the whole look, and it kind of reminds me of Leighton Meister in that purple seethrough-skirt a couple of years ago.

  • julyol1972

    Sorry FC, I just realised you did post Miranda’s picture below. I didn’t get to read your posts over the weekend – catching up now for the first time. Apologies again!!!

  • julyol1972

    Isabeli looks wonderful from the ankles up – I think the shoes is too heavy. FC, it’s interesting that you said Kirsten Stewart would most likely have cut the dress. It turns out that that honor went to Miranda Kerr who wore the dress in the same checkerboard print to the same event and took pictures with Isabeli.

    I think Miranda cut it too short even though she looked beautiful.

  • TeaAtTwo

    Kudos for looking good in that tricky piece though she is a top model. Remind me of Pace Wu’s Chloe look last year.

  • pipsqueak

    The shoes were hideous. Everything else looked fabulous.

  • gabis

    I think it works from the ankles up. She looks gorgeous.

  • Yeliz

    It works very well for me. Actually, I love this look from the ankles up.

  • Joy

    I don’t not like this look. I think it is one of my favorites with the whole LV checkerboard trend. She definitely pulls it off effortlessly and is stunning in this winter white. BUT, I think I’m done with the whole wearing your undies visible. I had no problem with it for a long time and I’ve liked a lot of looks, but now it is just everywhere in every picture and I’m done with it. It seems it won’t go away. The scary part is, next we’ll see women dressing with their intimates showing at Target and Walmart. And that will be NO GOOD!! Time for it to go away. 🙂

  • first and last time Ive ever liked a look from the collection.

  • kuko

    isabeli was joined by Miranda Kerr, this is the second boutique vuitton in Cancun, the first was opened 9 years ago…

  • Pedro

    Isabeli is gorgeous but i’m soooo ver this LV Spring 2013!

  • Very cute look except the shoes.

  • Moxie

    I’m getting a little tired of this print, but I like this from the ankles up. The length is awkward and I hate the shoes.

  • justme

    It took me a second to realize the skirt was see-through. At least, Isabelli picked an original piece of this collection.

    I think she’s working it.

    • Sammy C


  • Amy

    I really love this look minus the shoes.

    • jo

      +1 they don’t work with this look at all, but better this than those awful runway shoes 😉

    • Luis

      I have to agree, but in Isabeli Fontana everything look good… She is my favorite model!

    • dee


  • ash

    I never thought this outfit would work for anyone, but leave it to a model. BDOTW, she makes me want this look from head to toe.

    • Milly


    • TL


    • Quinn


    • Rashmi

      +1. She knows how to wear it right !

  • noo

    I love it!

  • Christine

    She looks good. I like this look. Bored of this print but she is working it.

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