Jenna Elfman In Rodarte – ‘1600 Penn’ White House Screening

Jenna Elfman In Rodarte - ‘1600 Penn’ White House Screening

Stars of the new NBC show ‘1600 Penn’ were spotted posing for pictures outside the White House before enjoying a special screening with President Obama in Washington, D.C. last week before his inauguration.

Jenna Elfman looked event- and weather-appropriate, wearing a simple black sheath dress under her Rodarte Fall 2012 black-and-orange woven coat with a shearling collar.

This look precedes Katy Perry’s outing wearing the same coat earlier this week, which by coincidence was also when going to see President Obama in Washington, D.C.

Jenna styled her look with a white Victoria Beckham zipper clutch and Jimmy Choo ‘Vero’ bi-colour white-and-black pumps with a gold trim (first worn by Gwyneth Paltrow).

Again, I ask, when did white pumps become so popular again?


You can buy Jenna’s Jimmy Choo ‘Vero’ pumps from Jimmy Choo US, Jimmy Choo UK,, Bergdorf Goodman and

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19 thoughts on “Jenna Elfman In Rodarte – ‘1600 Penn’ White House Screening

  1. Joy

    A lovely effortless look, if it weren’t for those shoes. Actually they are very attractive shoes, if only the front were another color.

  2. Molly

    Haven’t seen much of Jenna Elfman for a long time, but from what i remember, this may be the best I’ve ever seen her look. The coat is pretty amazing, but also her hair, makeup, general look and attitude. Shoes, to me, work well. they aren’t exactly white pumps, per se, as in the 1980s, but rather pretty interesting shoes with a white (off-white?) front.

  3. Rebecca Z

    I don’t share the anti-white shoes prejudice, though I think there are times they don’t look good. I think these shoes are great and look killer with this coat. And just as on Katy Perry, I love this coat.

  4. jessicamarantelli

    We have been seeing a lot of white pointed pumps of late from Jlo to Alesha Dixon but i quite like them with this look. In fact i kinda want that coat for myself to go with the white pumps ive got in the back of my closet.

  5. Mol

    I think this is a stellar appearance from Jenna and personally, I love the shoes. Now that she appears to be working more regularly again, I hope we see more of her on the RC (just watched her in the last season of Damages….)

  6. jeremyrain

    FC, I think you are a bit fixated by the symbol of white pumps: prostitution. I personally find white pumps both sexy and classy at the same time, probably I didn’t know about the “white pump” euphemism until I came to America.

    1. jessicamarantelli

      whats this symbol/euphemism thing with white pumps? I live in italy andhave never heard of any stigma attached to white pumps.

  7. Rashmi

    Lol , even I had a ‘You got to be kiddin me AGAIN’ moment when I saw the shoes.
    But then eventually I found them very well coordinated with the entire look. And her smile made a huge difference too!


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