Alicia Keys In Michael Kors – Commander-In-Chief’s Inaugural Ball

Alicia Keys In Michael Kors -  Inaugural Ball

Alicia Keys hit the stage for her performance at the inauguration ball in Washington, D.C. on Monday night setting the stage alight.

The singing superstar changed the lyrics to her hit single, ‘Girl On Fire’ in tribute to President Obama, proclaim that he was on fire.

Alicia wore a gorgeous red Michael Kors Fall 2012 gown.

Her long-sleeve crystal-embellished gown with an open back and knotted waist was styled with silver jewels.

This is a third time out for this gorgeous gown as it has also been worn by Natasha Yarovenko and Kim Hyo Jin.

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10 thoughts on “Alicia Keys In Michael Kors – Commander-In-Chief’s Inaugural Ball

  1. Marybeth

    This dress is fantastic! It looks great on all three of the women and each can give it her own special vibe. I like Natasha’s and Kim’s bare styling for the red carpet, but Alicia’s bling is a nice festive touch for performing at a big party.
    Thumbs up from me!

  2. Linda

    This is such a stylish, flattering, glamorous gown, all three women look amazing in it. Shows why Michael Kors is so successful.

  3. Jess2

    I love this dress! It has been a great few days for Michael Kors with quite a few ladies donning his creations. She looks great but I do wish she had left her cuff at home.

  4. Nat39

    I just love this dress (!!) but it was Kim who wore it amazingly well – her silhouette was gorgeous and elegant, and I much preferred her styling with her hair pulled back in a simple sleek hairstyle and the simple stud earrings. Alicia’s heavier silhouette and her styling with standout sparkly jewellery (while works for the stage) isn’t selling this gown to me, some of its elegance is lost while it’s being worn as a performance costume.


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