2013 People’s Choice Awards Menswear Round Up

People Choice Awards Mens

While the girls had the most glamorous fun at yesterday evening’s 2013 People’s Choice Awards hosted at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in California, the guys brought some serious style—and hunk factor—to the red carpet, too.

Eddie Redmayne: The ‘Les Miserables; actor still proved he was worthy to be part of our Best Ensemble Cast of 2012 with his slimline tan suit, black vest and burgundy satin pocket square. Not only was it nice to see the British actor working a colored suit, he played up his cool-boy charm with his hands-in-the-pocket pose and a tie-less shirt with the top button open.

Matt Bomer: It was 50 shades of navy for ‘White Collar’s’ handsome star, as he went for a more traditional approach with his dark inky tuxedo paired up with a lighter tie and pocket square and a blue-and-white microprint shirt. The look actually worked perfectly for Matt, especially with his own set of icy baby blues.

Liam Hemsworth: In perhaps the boldest male moment of the night, Miley Cyrus’s fiancé took a risk with his Ermenegildo Zegna burgundy suit, which he matched back to a shiny black tie and button-down shirt and a glossy patent loafer. But his verve paid off, delivering a dapper red-carpet look that was both polished and style-forward. It helped that his jacket and pants were perfectly tailored.

People Choice Awards Mens 3

Ian Somerhalder: The ‘Vampire Diaries’ hottie and ‘Favourite Dramatic TV Actor’ nominee was as smooth as ever in his Dior Homme tux that was punched up with black satin lapels. He kept his jacket buttoned over a white shirt and a skinny black tie for a more formal look. The pant appeared a little long and could have been better tailored, but it’s hard to rain on Ian’s parade.

Robert Downey Jr.: Robert is somewhat of a red-carpet wild child, and he once again showed us why last night. While he took home the trophy for ‘Favourite Movie Actor’, his ensemble was more deserving of mixed reviews. His gray suit wasn’t the best color of the night, and it was borderline boring with a stander blue striped tie. What’s worse, the pants were ill-fitting and had too much break, which puddled around his Christian Louboutin ‘Louis Strass’ sneakers. Speaking of the studded kicks, Robert does get a positive vote for his daring shoe choice and his edgy thick-rimmed, baby-blue-tinted glasses.

Jesse Williams: This Grey’s Anatomy actor also had fun with his footwear, choosing a suede amethyst wingtip. The pair was the most interesting part of an otherwise lackluster look. The exaggerated lapel of his black suit jacket, not to mention the skinny leg of the pant, didn’t translate so well, and his slate gray shirt, buttoned to the top with no tie, came off as strange.

Chris Colfer: ‘Glee’ cutie took home the prize for ‘Favourite Comedic TV Actor’, and he was by far one of the most casually dressed of the male stars. But that’s okay. He pulled off his no-jacket look just fine with a dark navy shirt, rolled at the sleeves, and gray tie. Black belted pants and patent shoes finished off his ensemble.

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33 thoughts on “2013 People’s Choice Awards Menswear Round Up

  1. Nat39

    Yes! Eddie does it again!! Now Gosling has a real competition. This is very well put-together and so irresistibly charming, and Eddie is working this look so effortlessly like ‘there is nothing to it’. I’m in love.
    Liam Hemsworth – 2nd.

    1. petra

      I am stunned by Eddie. I don’t think he can disappoint me, in contrary, I’m head over heels obsessed !

  2. EmmaWoodhouse

    Dying from all the handsome guys up there :)
    Eddie looks great, as usual–love the British quirk he adds to his looks.
    Matt looks very sharp, I like the shades of navy.
    Liam’s risk totally paid off. The burgundy suit is a stand-out piece.
    Ian–wow, very swoony and sophisticated ;)
    Robert D.J.: Ok, so it’s not his best look but I do love him!
    Jesse: Ugh. Hate the shoes. HATE them.
    Chris: totally out of his league among the other dapper gentlemen.

  3. Yeliz

    Eddie Redmayne, Liam Hemsworth and Jesse Williams are my favourites. But still, none of them can beat Ryan in my eyes.

  4. Sanette

    My favourites were Matt Bomer (love that shirt!) and Chris Colfer. I found his look very fresh. And of course Ian who could never disappoint me with his style:)

  5. Betelgeuze

    I like Liam’s and Robert’s looks the best.
    Also FC, I thought the two Supernatural guys, Jared Padalecki and Dean I-cant-remember, would maybe get an honorable mention there, as I found hilarious how they colour-coordinated each other’s suits :)

  6. pipsqueak

    Eddie, you rocked that look! You’ve got je ne sais quoi. Coolitude + lanky physique = my kind of men. Love Downey, too. The designer suit + sneakers + color shades combo is so trademark.

  7. Moxie

    Best Dressed – Matt Bomer, followed by Eddie Redmayne, Chris Colfer and Ian Somerhalder (who would have been higher up if his pants were tailored).

  8. Noemi (WBiS)

    Eddie Redmayne is perfect! I like Ian Somerhalder, too. I agree with you FC, about the pants, which are too long, but I don’t mind. Matt Bomer is dapper as usual.

  9. justme

    My best dressed is Liam.

    But I have to admit, I love Eddie’s attention to details. That red pocket square is a heavenly touch.

    I’m also a big fan of Jeese’s shoes, that colour is so pretty.

  10. Molly

    I really have the hots for Eddie. Its amazing what a few good suits on a cute Brit can do to me! I just read that he is color blind and needs help picking his outfits because he sees them in different colors than they really are. Its pretty impressive that he manages to pull together such detailed and well coordinated looks when he has no idea what colors he is wearing.
    I dont have a problem with Ian’s tux as much as I do his hair. It looks like he drew inspiration from Bradley Cooper and decided to forgo the gel which wasnt a good choice.

  11. TeaAtTwo

    I love the top row looks – Eddie and Liam for thinking outside the fashion box a bit and succeding and Matt’s for appearing smart and well groomed.

  12. Lynnette Lai

    Normally would go Eddie all the way but I am going to support my fellow Australian and give 5 stars to Liam Hemsworth for pulling off such a great colour and look. Glossy shirts can often look tacky, not on Liam, he looks great.


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