Cristiano Ronaldo In Dsquared² – FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo In Dsquared² - FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo took to the stage during the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala 2013 at Congress House in Zurich, Switzerland yesterday evening.

The handsome Real Madrid player wore a DSquared2 Resort 2013 classic black tuxedo suit.

His smoking-style blazer, featuring contrasting-fabric peaked lapels, a single front button, and flap pockets, was paired with slim-fit pants, a white dress shirt, a black bow-tie and a white pocket square.

It looks like Mr Gosling has some serious competition for BDOTW.


You can buy Ronaldo’s Dsquared² smoking blazer from US and

45 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo In Dsquared² – FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala 2012

    1. michael.jensen

      He does not look that good, because there is no waistcovering, and pants are very low. Had he covered the waist, he would have looked absolutely stunning.

    1. justme

      I am starting to believe it’s not about skills but a matter of attitude.
      Cristiano is perceived as cocky while Leo is a sweet angel *rolls eyes* so they gave it to him.

      1. zineb

        Absolutely! Cris was phenomenal at the Euros, won the Spanish Championship and did good at the Champion’s league. What did Leo achieve? Only the King’s Cup! So disappointing…
        How can he loose when he looks like that in a DSquared suit? sigh

      2. miwa

        Exactly, it’s all about politics. I’m not that sad because I predicted it. I just hope Cris is not too bummed about it.

      3. Noemi (WBiS)

        To me, Leo Messi is still the best football player, he didn’t win anything important last year, but he’s still the best and the most enjoyable to see playing. And he was dressed better, and he doesn’t rolls eyes, he’s just a nice guy! :-)

        1. miwa

          Messi threw a ball at a crowd of Real Madrid fans and acted like a prissy guy after that. He ain’t that nice.

      4. Grellz

        I agree. It’s not skill alone. And besides there is no solid criteria to select the winner. Attitude def plays into it.

    2. Slash

      +1 That was a steal. CR is the best player, but while Platini is in FIFA we will witness the ‘glory’ of Messi.

  1. Mariia

    He’s the kind of guy you love to hate and at the same time hate to love. I’m glad he lost to Messi, but I have to say he definately gives Ryan Gosling a run for his money and that’s not an easy job! :D

  2. justme

    I would have never imagined you could feature CRon on your site, FC. I mean, I love him to death but his fashion sense is sucha disaster 95% of the time lol.

    He did me proud at this event though. He just oozes confidence, I love it.

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      Please understand that obtaining pictures are not as easy as you think. It has nothing to with me loving or not lloving is Dolce and Gabbana look and more about licensing issues.

      Thanks for your understanding.

  3. florence

    please, feature Leo Messi.I would die seeing him in a fashion site, although he made a bold statement in that suit

  4. Moxie

    How is it fastened in the middle? They are obviously connected, hence the pulling, but they sides aren’t together enough for the button. Looks very strange.

    1. Lisa

      +1. Maybe its this picture, but the jacket looks too small – its pully too much. That distracts from the entire look.

  5. katie

    Ooooh sexy Ronaldo i think he might just blow Ryan out of the water for BDOTW!!The suit looks fab on him

  6. Elise

    Well, considering his usual/horrible style, this look is fantastic. After checking more photos of the event, I never thought I could write that he looks very handsome with the tuxedo. Congrats DSquared2!

  7. robbie

    he somehow manages to make everything he wears look cheap and tacky, but for once he actually looks rather good.

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      His suit was Dolce & Gabbana and I do not have access to that photo. I have already explained above.

  8. Noemi (WBiS)

    No, I don’t think he can compete with Ryan Gosling. Gosling has his one sense of style, plus, he’s handsome but he doesn’t show it. I mean, when a man is too stuck up and sure about his beauty for me he loses points. And I don’t like the jacket, anyway, it could have looked good if the rise of the pants was higher. I don’t like so much the way Lionel Messi was dressed, most of all because of the dotted tie, but he looked good anyway, like he was having fun dressed that way. And he’s not a boy interested in fashion, so…


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