Which Was Your Favourite Naomie Harris ‘Skyfall’ Promo Tour Look?

Naomie Harris was unveiled as a Bond girl for the ‘Skyfall’ movie way back in May, wearing a beautiful blue lace dress with matching shoes in Istanbul, where most of the movie was shot.

It wasn’t until October that the promo tour kicked off, with the British actress wearing her first of three Marios Schwab dresses at a photocall in New York.

Back in London she donned Chanel for a photocall, then for the royal premiere she shone in a Marios Schwab gown followed by a cocktail dress by the same designer for the after-party.

In Rome it was a double dose of Dolce before she headed to Madrid, where she donned two Lanvin dresses.

Naomie returned to Istanbul, where her penultimate look was custom made by Nicholas Oakwell, before she concluded her tour wearing a Maison Martin Margiela gown.

While the actress seemed to favour Marios Schwab during this tour, my favourite look was her Nicholas Oakwell look, followed by the Margiela and Chanel looks.

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  • Moxie

    1. Istanbul premiere
    2. London photocall
    3. NY photocall

  • fundaos

    I totally agree with Markness,this wes her big chance to own the spotlight,she should have seized the opportunity.Her stylist did not make an effort to me.Her fashion and hair hair style is so predictable. The hair looks the same,the makeup does nothing for me.sorry,

    • lila

      I couldn’t agree more. Berenice Marlohe, on the other hand, fully embraced the opportunity and outshone Naomie.

  • Pri

    I will say this, kudos to her stylist and Naomie for taking some risks on her first red carpet tour.

    I loved the Mario Schwab looks in London and Rome! I hope Skyfall gets an Oscar nomination. I’d love to see Naomie on the Oscar red carpet.

  • Nat39

    Def. N.Oakwell followed by Margiela.
    Also liked her Marios Schwab NY photocall, she made that LBD sing, and she was sultry in D&G Rome Premiere.

  • TL

    It’s hard cause all the looks are just OK.
    Nothing is surprising or wowed.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Hair and makeup were flawless but most of these looks were terrible. Grading on a curve, my favorite was
    1) London Premiere After-party
    2)Sydney Premiere
    3) Madrid photocall
    4) Istanbul photocall
    Nothing else really worked for me, especially all the sheer looks.

  • Rebecca Z

    She is so much prettier in the movie than she is in these photos.

  • Marybeth

    Wow. Tough choice. I voted for the Margiela look at the Sydney premiere. I love both the Chanel (photocall) and the Marios Schwab (premiere) looks from London and also the Oakwell from Istanbul.
    But something about that Margiela/Sydney look really grabbed me — so graceful.

  • Looking at all the pictures, I thought, “my gosh! what a horrible promo tour run.” I don’t see her true style. It looks like a horrible mess. Despite some “risks” if you should say, she didn’t sell it to me. This is your chance to shine and she didn’t grab that opportunity. It’s quite bland. When will Diane Kruger be a Bond girl? I want to see her fashion tour. Her Cannes Film Fest looks were so amazing! 🙂

  • Amy

    The Rome photocall look was so chic, i love it, understated and sexy

  • dee

    My favorite is the Madrid Premiere.

  • Nat

    Looking back at all the looks together, I must say it wasn’t a very successful tour overall. Nothing really stands out or was particularly breathtaking or memorable.
    The two “big gowns” (London and Rome premiere) who are supposed to make more of an impact feature a style that we’ve seen hundreds of times this year and that I’ve really come to loathe…enough with the sheer skirts already! Althought it must be’ said to her credit that she wears it with more class than most people.

    In the end I voted for the Oakwell, albeit it being a little too reveiling…but as I said, she avoids to look vulgar, even with no much fabric on her.

  • principessacate

    London premiere. Although risque she did a far classier (and earlier, more trend-setting) job of bringing a sheer dress to the main red carpets. Pulled off much better than Kristen Stewart, just looks amazing all around. Woman knows how to rock a sheer dress.

  • Jess2

    The Nicholas Oakwell was definitely my favourite followed by the Lanvin from the Madrid Premiere.

  • Rashmi

    What a difficult one to chose!! It was tie between Instabul, Rome (Photocall) and London premiere.
    Went with London Dolce and Gabbana. Loveeed it from H2t!

  • gabis

    She had a great run fashion-wise. But in the hair department, what a huge disappointment. She has the most incredibly gorgeous curls and it’s a huge shame that not even once did she let her natural hair shine during this promo tour. I’m so used to see her with soft waves/sleek hair that when I saw her in the movie with her fresh curls I was barely able to recognize her.
    And now that I saw the movie I honestly think Bérénice Marlohe got too much attention and promotion during this tour for someone who has a 15-20 minutes role in the movie.

    • Dani

      Yes, yes, yes on the curls! I loved her natural hair in the movie.

  • Yeliz

    1. Istanbul Premiere
    2. Sydney Premiere
    3. London Photocall

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