Karolina Kurkova In Elie Saab – Moncler Celebrates 60th Anniversary Art Basel Miami Party

Karolina Kurkova joined Pharrell Williams at the private dinner celebrating Remo Ruffini and Moncler’s 60th Anniversary during Art Basel Miami in Florida on Friday evening.

As we all know, Karolina loves wearing menswear-inspired looks; no one rocked this trend better this year, so she feminized the look by opting for an Elie Saab Spring 2013 ensemble.

Her trio of magenta pieces included a collared button-up blouse paired with a matching crepe blazer and shorts.

The look was originally presented in a cool royal-blue hue, but everyone ups the ante during this event so I’m not surprised she opted for an even brighter colour.

The cut-out ankle boots and feathered clutch give the look an edge, with kohl-rimmed eyes and ‘I’ve been lounging by the pool all day’ hair completing her look.

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  • Love, love, love every piece, but the blue version is even better!

  • Jess2

    Her hair is unfortunate but the rest of the look rocks!

  • Yeliz

    I absolutely love everything except her hair. It doesn’t work. But the rest is just stunning. I especially love the boots.

  • Iris

    Love love love the royal blue on the model but less inspired by Karolina. Her colouring, the black clutch, black shoes and straggly hair dont work for me with the magenta.

    • tiffany


    • Natalie19

      Totally agree

      The runway version looks amazing! And that deep blue color is great!

  • Jeremy

    it all works well for me, save for that hair. it’s the worst, i think, that her hair has ever looked. it’s a straggly disaster. lol.

    the outfit itself is gorgeous and of course she pulls it off — this is the woman who can pull off nearly anything.

    the shoes are sexy and give it an edge, but i would’ve preferred a deep magenta shoe and clutch combination. or perhaps a rusty copper look.

  • b

    i’m not a huge lover of menswear, but i’m actually kind of in love with this look! the color is to die for and the detailing is spot-on. i do think, however, that she could use brighter shoe and clutch choices and a hairstyle with a little more effort. and perhaps some shampoo…

  • Amy

    KK always delivers

  • gabis

    Had she worn the electric-blue version she’d be on my BDOTW list. The magenta one is gorgeous but I don’t love it enough to get past the creases or to put up for BDOTW.

  • TeaAtTwo

    I really like this look, suits the wearer and the occasion brilliantly. I prefer this in the magenta colour over the runway colour. I wasn’t sure about the black accdesoires but in the end

    • TeaAtTwo

      oops- hit submit early.
      I like the edge they give. Plus those sandals are cool and sexy.

    • Nat39

      Agreed. This works for her, also prefer it in magenta, and the edgier cut-out booties are an excellent choice.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Love the blazer and top in fuschia and blue but I will never love a shortsuit. The accessories work but she should definitely have done something more with her hair.

  • Christine

    She is on a roll. Love this look from head to toe. I also love both colors.

  • noo

    Completely in love with the look, it’s one of my favorite pieces in the collection. i do prefer the runway color though…

  • dee

    Don’t like this. Don’t like the fan in front of her stomach and the black shoes. I think this would look better as pants and not shorts.

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