Ralph Lauren and Graydon Carter Host an Evening with ‘Downton Abbey’

Ralph Lauren and Graydon Carter hosted an evening with the cast of ‘Downton Abbey’, which was an evening of cocktails and a screening of Season 3 prior to its premiere in the US on January 6, 2013.

Joanne Froggatt: As you can see, it was a sea of LBDs at this event, but Joanne was not going to cave: she stuck to her fabulous colourful red carpet run, wearing a delightful pink Ralph Lauren Collection silk sleeveless dress with silver accessories. Needless to say, she’s fast becoming one of my red carpet faves as she is a woman after my own heart.

Michelle Dockery: This is the first time we have seen Michelle on the red carpet since her Emmy’s Louis Vuitton disaster. She got her look oh-so-very right last night, wearing a sexy black Ralph Lauren embroidered one-shoulder dress with ombre Ralph Lauren pumps. A faux bob and dark-pink lips completed her look.

Elizabeth McGovern: Even though the actress also opted for a black Ralph Lauren frock, her silk faille dress was styled with punchy accessories including a purple clutch and satin pumps with a gold accent, both by Ralph Lauren. An additional pop of colour came via her red glossy lips. Was this one pop too far?

Sophie McShera: Sophie, who plays my favourite character from Downton Abbey, was also in attendance. Looking very confident, she wore a black-and-gold Brian Lichtenberg festive crop top with a black leather skirt. Her edgy, youthful look included a black clutch and lace-up booties.

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15 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren and Graydon Carter Host an Evening with ‘Downton Abbey’

  1. noo

    I like joanne’s look a lot, she got everything right! I also like michelle’s look. With elizabeth I would have preferred a different lip color and less shiny tights (i get why she wants to wear tights it must be awfully cold). As for Sophie I really dislike her top, a different one would have been much better with this edgy look!

  2. Moxie

    Joanne’s is the best look of the lot. The others are rather boring — plus pink and red should NOT be used together.

  3. Nat39

    Joanne is def. the best of the bunch, Michelle is all right, Sophie – not good, Elizabeth – a disaster – the dress looks cheap and her styling is hideous.

  4. Natalie19

    Elizabeth McGovern is a beauty!

    But i think, it should be either red lips, or the fuchsia accessories. Both just look strange together

    And, of course, i dislike the shiny tights :)

  5. EmmaWoodhouse

    Joanne looks so refreshing in a sea of black. Michelle makes up for her Emmys’ debacle in this stunningly elegant look. The other two look terrible, unfortunately.

  6. katie

    I love Joannes bright dress, the others look like they are going to a funeral i can’t see past their black dreary clothes


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