Mélanie Laurent in Christian Dior Couture – ‘Touch of the Light’ Marrakech Film Festival Premiere

Mélanie Laurent attended the ‘Touch of the Light’ premiere during the 2012 Marrakech Film Festival on Friday.

The French actress ventured on a limb wearing a Christian Dior Spring 2012 Couture dress-over-pants combo.

The neo-New Look pieces by newly minted Dior couturier Raf Simons have been popular among the Hollywood set this season, especially Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence.

Mélanie’s sly charm works well with the outfit’s winking nod to both uber-feminine midcentury eveningwear and the gender-bending YSL Le Smokings that followed a decade later.

However, the spare soigné of the navy and black ensemble is thrown off by Mélanie’s limp, crimpy hair, heavy eye makeup, and time-for-a-touch-up dark roots.

Had she booked a last-minute appointment at the colourist and stayed at the salon long enough for someone to wrap her hair into a neat top knot, this could’ve been a hit.

You may remember that Ruth Wilson wore a similar Dior Couture to Mélanie’s just last week.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

15 thoughts on “Mélanie Laurent in Christian Dior Couture – ‘Touch of the Light’ Marrakech Film Festival Premiere

  1. Angel

    I like the fabric on this so much better than the stlye Ruth Wilson wore, but you are right about the hair. Yikes!

  2. justme

    Even with a styled hairdo, I wouldn’t like this look. A dress over pants has never been and will never be acceptable to me.

  3. Emmeline

    This is… not good.

    We’re only two collections in and I’m already sick of Raf at Dior. I fear for awards season.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    I abhor the skirt-over-pants look, and though it’s marginally better when not in eye-searing pink, Melanie’s sloppy appearance makes it quite painful to look at.


    Im not loving Melanie here! She needs to relax her pose she is posing like a guy and her hair…OMG just a straight hair would worked it better ! and the dress is not that bad to be honest i could used it just need to pick the right shoes and hair .


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