Jessica Biel In Wes Gordon – The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Jessica Biel gushed about her recent nuptials to longtime partner Justin Timberlake on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday.

The actress kept it informal for the daytime talk show, wearing separates from Wes Gordon’s Fall 2012 collection.

Dressed in an amethyst sweater and patterned skirt, she extended the purple theme to her nails.

I liked the free-spiritedness of leaving her wavy hair down, though I’d like to see Jessica finally grow out that fringe.

When she first walked out on stage, we also caught a glimpse of her black Rupert Sanderson vertiginous ‘Elba’ pumps.

Credit: Warner Bros.

13 thoughts on “Jessica Biel In Wes Gordon – The Ellen DeGeneres Show

  1. Nat39

    I’m waiting for Jessica to break out of all that mumsiness and dowdiness she’s been giving us lately, and bring some sex appeal.

  2. Linda

    She looks nicer than she has in a long time. She dresses maturely for her age and has a pretty conservative taste, which I think works against her.

  3. Odette

    This is a perfect Fall look. J’Adore.

    I hope Kate Middleton wears Wes Gordon, as his sophisticated, lady-like designs are up her alley. But since Kate isn’t fashion-forward, I don’t think she would actually wear him because he isn’t British and is too unknown to catch her limited radar.

  4. TeaAtTwo

    Apart from the pumps being black I really like this look. I love the colour and print and the skirt’s shape. It all feels cosy, sweet and elegant.

  5. Hannah

    She looks ok, nothing specatcular. TBH, I mostly commented to say that I am loving the use of the word vertiginous! :D

  6. CreoleLady

    Love the colors. Agree with Odette, a beautiful fall look, perfect for a sit down with Ellen. Will studiously continue to ignore the bangs.

  7. rita

    Iis as if she thinks that being married means looking old and mumsy! I don’t get it…She is barely 30 years old yet she keeps wearing conservative clothes when she is fit and has a sexy body. It’s depressing!


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