Sonia Sui In Lanvin – 2012 Golden Horse Awards

Sonia Sui opted for a two-tone gown on the red carpet at the 49th Annual Golden Horse Awards, held at the Cultural Working House in Ilan, Taiwan on Saturday evening.

I didn’t like the asymmetrical gown at first as I thought the turquoise-and midnight-blue gown was too fussy especially with the ruffles, but Sonia’s elegant styling (especially those shoes) and poise won me over.

Luscious wavy long brunette side swept tresses and a selection of silver jewels completed her look.

Did Sonia win you over?

You can buy Sonia’s Lanvin gown from

Credit: Sina

18 thoughts on “Sonia Sui In Lanvin – 2012 Golden Horse Awards

  1. EmmaWoodhouse

    I actually didn’t need to be won over–I loved this look as soon as I saw it. Best shoes of the year! :) LOL I was just thinking how fun it would be to have a “Best shoes of the week poll.” No pressure, though, FC, we’ll let you get your bearings with the menswear first ;)
    Anyway, this is a great look.

  2. Odette

    I agree FC, I didn’t really like the gown because I knew it wouldn’t work on a woman with curves, however Sonia’s runway model physique and styling makes it work.

  3. Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Sonia Sui looks absolutely breathtaking in this two-toned ruffled Lanvin gown!! Though we have second thoughts of her fussy ruffled detail, we definitely adore how the Fierce Wife actress style her dress with side swept tresses, smokey eye and a pair of lustworthy sandals which adds enough glamour to her outfit!! Sonia Sui rocks the hell out!! Long Live the Queen!! We salute Sonia so much!!

  4. Nat39

    She totally sold this gown to me, she wore it with great confidence, fantastic shoe choice, but she needed to extend her eyebrows a bit, as far as I can see, they are a tad short.

  5. tiffany

    the dress comes off sloppy and slightly cheap, though it most definitely has its charms. While pretty, I don’t think the hair is helping.

    1. mia

      i agree. the dress comes off slightly cheap in my eyes. I can’t get passed all that ruffle, and silk material. I’m quite shocked it’s by Lanvin, not some cheap Asian shop around the corner.

  6. Jess2

    Amazing, I absolutely love this look, the styling really makes it perfection! I love those shoes so so much and her hair and makeup is so beautiful!

  7. TeaAtTwo

    I need those shoes in my life, they’re amazing! The dress is interesting though not perfect but Sonia does looks ravishing in it.


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