District MTV’s Best Dressed At The 2012 MTV EMAs

District MTV invited me to the 2012 MTV EMAs, so I invited them to pick their best dressed from the event.

They selected the lady red, Rita Ora.

“Rita Ora sporting three red outfits at the 2012 MTV EMAs was a smashing effort – one for the red carpet, one for stage and a third for the glamour pit, where I saw her chatting to Kanye West. And those locks – she’s like a modern Marilyn. On stage, the way she worked a casual trainer with a red lace jumpsuit was the perfect combo of haute and street. She stayed true to herself and looked good doing it. I think that kind of practical femininity gives women everywhere licence to comfortably slay the world day to day and feel beautiful doing it.

“One of my highlights was the 70 identically-besuited Psy dancers in his signature blue blazers. We were lucky enough to see them being prepared in the wardrobe department. They all included secret padding to fill out the skinny dancers to the more generous Psy-like proportions.”

Make sure you check out District MTV daily, as they will be adding exclusive behind the scenes content from Sundays 2012 MTV EMAs.

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8 thoughts on “District MTV’s Best Dressed At The 2012 MTV EMAs

  1. Nat39

    A modern Marilyn? Really??? More like a Gwen Stefani wannabe – tacky version. She cheapens all of her looks with that hair and makeup.

  2. pipsqueak

    I do believe that Rita stays true to herself. But Marilyn? That’s a stretch. She’s not nearly as beautiful yet she’s probably stronger. Marilyn was a train wreck packaged in old Hollywood glamor b/c times were different. With that hair, I’d liken Rita to Dyan Cannon, Cary Grant’s 4th wife and TV star.

  3. Jess2

    Comparing Rita Ora to Marilyn? Really? No….just No!! I don’t mind her music at all but her style is really tacky!


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