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Elle Fanning In Dolce & Gabbana – ‘Ginger and Rosa’ LA Screening

It was another school night out for Elle Fanning, who attended A24 Films’ screening of her latest movie, ‘Ginger and Rosa’ at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California last night.

The teen actress wore a Dolce & Gabbana head-to-toe look.

Her black and white look, which has something of a school girl vibe to it, featured a black bow-tie-accented white semi-sheer blouse with a black crepe flared skirt.

Embracing the floral garland trend, Elle styled her look with a green velvet headband with gold and floral embroidery, and ivory crochet pumps.

Rosy cheeks and pink lips completed her look.

While this look is cute, I prefer the Oscar de la Renta from earlier in the week. This look doesn’t feel so effortless.

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  • Grace Patricia

    I don’t like this look, but to me, she’s always adorable. I just wish it was a little less “school girl”. The shoes are great. I also don’t like the shiny face, she should’ve taken care of it.

  • MEME

    Her hair is a NO!!!….

  • pipsqueak

    This look went past schoolgirl and arrived on the border of nun. This is “The Sound of Music” remake and she’s the 2013 version of Julie Andrews. This could also be a half-baked Halloween costume for a young Princess Leia.

    • jason

      Yes pip, this is just plain bad.

  • Moxie

    She’s usually impeccable. The shoes are great, but the skirt and blouse are dowdy. And the hair! Oh the horror! The head band doesn’t bother me, but it does not work with her hair pulled back in this messy… is that a pony tail? Not sure, but the big pieces sticking out on either side are horrific looking.

  • aj

    trying TOO hard.

  • Nat39

    It’s a big miss – the ugly bow-tie, the silly hair, the out-of-place floral headband.. really awful.

    • Marybeth

      Agree 100%.

  • robbie

    the shoes are cute, the rest no. that shirt with that style of bow tie makes me think of colonel sanders.

  • Yeliz

    I’m not a fan of the whole look but I do like the shoes, the blouse and the headband.

  • Odette

    I agree with Ruff in that Elle loves to have fun with fashion and she doesn’t take herself as seriously as her sister. But I also agree with Rebecca in that this look is not her best.

    Yes Elle has a Quirky Schoolgirl Chic sense of style, this look is a bit sloppy, even if I appreciate the shoes and hair accessory.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    P.S. Pretty sure that the pumps are Dolce and Gabbana, but I can’t verify.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Love the shoes SO much, but I think you were spot-on, FC, when you said that this look doesn’t feel so effortless. She is a lovely girl with great, experiemental style. She’s bound to have some misses. This was one of them.

    • admmgz


  • Ruff

    She doesn’t take fashion too seriously and loves to have fun with it. Unlike girls like Chloe Moretz, her sense of style seems innate and efortless. Her looks aren’t always perfect, but that’s why I love her. This time around I don’t really like the shoes, but as a whole I find the look refreshing and romantic.

  • Rebecca Z

    Hmmm…don’t want to be unkind to this lovely child, but this is cringe-worthy.

    • Christine

      Not loving her look.

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