Maggie Cheung In Chanel – Vogue China’s 120th Anniversary Celebration

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw Maggie Cheung on the red carpet for Vogue China’s 120th anniversary celebration held at the Beijing Yintai Centre in China last night.

The actress, who usually possesses more style in her little finger than most Hollywood actresses, wore this Chanel Spring 2012 Couture beaded halter dress with a black organza off-the-shoulder bandeau ….yep, that’s right, this is Couture.

The model just about makes it look wearable, but Maggie is struggling.

Really struggling.

Many of you have asked me to start a WDOTY list. If there ever was a contender, this would be it.

I have one word for this look. “No”… Sorry make that two… “Hell no”.

Credit: & Sina

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  • Pene

    and this just comes after i have said the Asians never get it wron. how wrong i was

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Oh my goodness. NO. NO NO NO. This is so very…sad. How is this couture?

  • pipsqueak

    Maggie would’ve been the queen of street fashion in China if blogs had existed during the peak of her career. She takes risks, has character and never conforms to be a porcelain doll. But this messy look says “I don’t care anymore. I owned Hong Kong and Chinese cinema when you girls were just teenagers watching my movies on pirated DVDs. I won over the French when Chinese movies were rare at film festivals. I’m just taking it easy.”

    • Fashion Critic

      LOVE this comment.

  • Lou

    This look makes me think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman… before she met Richard Here.

  • Dhppy

    Ha! Even before I read the review, I did the “huh” head snap. Perhaps these pieces weren’t really meant to be worn together and were just put that way on the runway for a dramatic “Dexys Midnight Runners go to the Opera” effect.

  • Yeliz

    I have no words for this horrendous look.

  • Kathy

    Eh. It’s definitely bad, but I have to say I’ve seen worse. If she only stood up straighter and did something with her hair, the look wouldn’t be too awful.

  • roi

    C’mon, it OK. THE design is so special that almost no one can sport it quite well. Or can I say it just for runway show? I’ve seen better pics of Cheung in it than this pic.

  • Jess2

    Oh my god, Coco Chanel is crying right now. There are just no words to describe how bad this look is. The Fashion Police need to feature this in ‘Starlet or Streetwalker’. I too am in shock.

  • TeaAtTwo

    The dress looks like a cast off from the 80’s and though there was no saving it (I don’t how Karl L thought this was a chic look worth being made) the hair is a mess too.

  • Besides the fact that the dress it self is quite nonsense I think that the messy hair and the tights make it look even worse and her posture doesn’t help. I can’t think of anybody who could make this look good, neither Diane Kruger nor Anna Mouglalis.

  • It’s her messy “home-less-man” hair, her unsophisticated net stockings (or simply REALLY see through stockings), her slouching posture, and her over-the-top “raunchy” makeup. It’s everything really. And just when her dress looks like it’s ‘hanging too loose’, she’s got a bag with long straps dangling at her side. Seriously, she can’t do it any more wronger.

  • Faellie

    Maybe if the bandeau was on top of the dress and worn higher up the shoulders? And she added in the runway tights? And put on a statement necklace, did something with her hair and lost the handbag?

    No, you’re right. There’s nothing would make it work.

    • Fashion Critic

      Lol…good effort

  • Matt R

    What would be a worse comment to make: saying she looks like a cheap call girl in this dress or saying that I could see maybe Lindsay Lohan wearing this dress over her?

    Either way, I saw this look and I was shocked, and not in a good way. Prime candidate for WDOTY.

    • Sa’a

      I totally agree with Matt R,cheap call girl it is! This has to be the worst Chanel look I have ever seen,even worse than the one Rinco what’s her face(Chinese chick from Babel) wore to the globes in ’07
      Please Fashion Critic start that list now!

      • Adam

        Rinko Kikuchi is from Japan, not China.

    • Qian

      hahah, i just wondering which look could worse than this. I cant find any word to describe how ugly it is, but so many Chinese editors gave their compliment about it

  • Christine

    Atrocious is not even the word to describe this. Hot mess.

    The fact that this is even called couture is baffling.

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