Gwyneth Paltrow In Boss Black – ‘El Hormiguero’ & ‘Boss Nuit Pour Femme’ Fragrance Launch

As the face of the new women’s Hugo Boss fragrance ‘Boss Nuit Pour Femme’, Gwyneth Paltrow was in Madrid, Spain, to promote the scent.

Her first stop was the popular ‘El Hormiguero’ show where she showed off her enviable long legs wearing a Boss Black ‘Deminas’ flannel dress in bright orange which has been shortened.

Gwyneth’s shoes may look like boring black pumps from the front, but her Mugler heels are anything but, as her PVC heels have a silver metallic heel and a black toe-cap.

Later the same day, the actress changed into another Hugo Boss dress for the official ‘Boss Nuit Pour Femme’ launch party.

Her fitted leather cap-sleeve dress was styled with Jimmy Choo ‘Maya’ patent leather bow-front pumps.

For both looks she opted for minimal makeup and the same hair-swept-behind-the-ears hairstyle.

Which look do you prefer? Or are you feeling indifferent about both of them like me?

You can buy Gwyneth’s Boss Black dress from and UK.

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15 thoughts on “Gwyneth Paltrow In Boss Black – ‘El Hormiguero’ & ‘Boss Nuit Pour Femme’ Fragrance Launch

  1. Ramsay

    For once I am indifferent to what she is wearing – I guess she was constrained by what Boss has to offer this season (which apparently is not very interesting)

    1. Jess2

      I think you might be right about the lack of exciting choices. She looks nice enough but not the Gwyneth we are used to. I’m glad she didn’t go for boring black pumps with the first look.

  2. Sarah

    Gwyneth Paltrow is 1 of my favourite actresses when it comes to fashion ! Well, these 2 outfits don’t have the wow factor but i really think this woman can wear any kinda dress and she’s still looking good ! So, i’m not obsessed watching her here but it’s obvious that she’s still beautiful & glowing ! hehe ;) okay okay i’ll stop that now !! ;)

  3. Elaine2

    The orange dress looks too tight on her and I hate that she shortened it. Much prefer it on the runway model. The leather dress doesn’t do much for me, but I do like the length. Goop should consider wearing a longer skirt from time to time – I think it looks more elegant. I do wonder about a leather dress? How is something like that cleaned? Is it only for the wealthy who send their stuff out every day for cleaning???

    Her makeup looks great, and I like the side part in her hair. I don’t care for the center part she seems to typically favor.

  4. Lyvm

    I usually look forward to Gwyneth’s minimalistic looks with a twist but this is just minimalistic sans oomph.

  5. TeaAtTwo

    I prefer the red because it’s a colour other than black, white or neutral as she wears those nearly all the time. As well mixing up her colour palette I wish she would mix up the shapes of her outfits too.


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