Lady Gaga In Vintage Versace – Palazzo Versace Private Dinner Party

This evening, Donatella Versace hosted a private dinner party held at Palazzo Versace in Milan, Italy, for Lady Gaga.

Sporting long brunette locks, the singer wore with an amazing vintage Gianni Versace gown.

Her red gown has all the hallmarks of a classic Versace creation from the intricate (some would say bondage-like) straps to the gold medusa buckle and button detailing.

Bringing the look right up-to-date, the singer wore sunglasses and carried a black clutch from the recently presented Versace Spring 2013 collection.

I love everything about this look. From the gown, to the brunette hair to the red lip and nails combo. I would even say that this is BDOTW worthy.

Do you agree?

Donatella donned a leather Versace dress which she paired with leather boots accented with a Swarovski crystal crucifix from the Fall 2012 collection.

You can buy the leather and velvet version of Donatella’s Versace boots from

Credit: Courtesy of Versace

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  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Versace isn’t my cup of tea because of dresses like this…the bondage bodice reads trashy to me, not iconic or fashion-forward. And of course, even if I liked it, Gaga would ruin it with her ridiculous persona and posing. I’m not a fan of Donatella’s look here either…
    Just my opinion and not saying that others have to agree.

  • Angela

    Whilst I do find this look a bit busy (sunglasses, a clutch a necklace, and a belt?), I think Gaga pulls it off marvelously. She really is a Versace girl.

  • Dan Oliver

    gorgeous so sexy versace at its best

  • Nat39

    This looks fake and overcooked, can’t possibly be BDOTW worthy in my book.

  • Violetta Parr

    Pure trash.
    The red dress is gorgeous, but since it’s Gaga we’re talking about I’ll get over the sunglasses, the fake-looking hair, the wrestler belt and the unnecessary pochette and completely forget about this picture. Too bad because Donatella doesn’t look bad at all 🙁

  • dee

    She looks great. I really like this one.

  • Raquel

    I hate the belt or whatever it is.

  • Luca

    The dress is amazing but it’s sad to say because it was a Gianni Versace one.

  • Amy

    love the dress, hate it on her. The belt is so unnecessary and too chunky for such a dress.
    I think I like donatella better

  • Love it! She’s making me feel nostalgic for the Gianni Versace supermodel days.

  • Yes, BDOTW contender for sure. This dress is gorgeous… Gianni Versace, I still miss his amazing talent…

  • Georgia

    She looks more and more like Lana Del Rey every time I see her!

  • may

    I think she looks fab! sexy and hot and classy by gaga’s standards. BDOTW worthy for sure!

  • Luca

    Gaga looks great! BDOTW! Love the Donatella fierceness!! AND FC look what I found:

    I feel like you could rock it better than Nicole !!! 🙂

    • Fashion Critic

      that’s cute

      • lol just saw this, thats my site, and FC you were the first person I thought of when I saw that gown

  • Joy

    Be still my heart!! This takes me back, WAY back and I love it!!! Absolutely BDOTW worthy!!!!

  • tanya

    not even lady gaga’s best fan but she looks undeniabley gooooooooooood here!

  • Kiwi

    Agree FC

  • Kiran

    I personally prefer this look without the belt as it was presented in Fall 1992 on Carla Bruni (link below). While I don’t hate the accessories, they just felt a little unnecessary with this stunning dress.

    • Fashion Critic

      great picture…thanks

    • TeaAtTwo

      Wowser- Carla was a real stunning beauty.

  • ash

    I love it!!! BDOTW for sure!! I love it when Lady Gaga does a class act! Perfection.

  • Dhppy

    It does work on her. It’s almost of “normal” for Gaga.

  • robert

    I love this dress, especially the big pockets. The belt isn’t that bad, but the clutch is fabulous! Very glamorous and edgy at the same time.

  • Dani

    Eh, I’m not a fan. Am interested to know what shoes Gaga is wearing though, cos she looks a good three feet taller than usual.

  • Malinda Jane

    At first glance I thought she was Lana Del Rey.
    She does look beautiful, though. Best she’s looked in a while.

  • d

    best look ever

  • Charlotte

    I’m sorry but those boots on Donatella are disgusting

  • asherlev1

    LOVE IT!

    Why can’t she dress like this all the time DDD:

    I think Versace really works for her.

  • Taylor

    If someone can show me ONE better outing of a vintage Versace gown in the last few years that better epitomizes the brand Gianni created, i will be shocked.

  • tom

    wasn’t lady gaga supposedly 25 pound over weight just last week and now suddenly she’s squeezed into this dress…not a fat roll to be seen?

    • sara

      Yes! So confused! The media put out all this hype about her drunk diet and her eating everything in sight and posted all these unflattering concert shots, but she looks very small in these pictures! It can’t all be spanx!

  • Hermoine

    Simply fabulous!!! Not usually a fan, but today whe gets a huge thumbs up and a YEE-HAW from this Texan

  • daisy


  • eni

    I love it! Go Gaga!

  • Viva La Gaga!

  • Yeliz

    It’s not a BDOTW contender for me. The gown looks great on her, but I don’t like neither the belt nor the clutch. Glad that her hair looks normal though.

    • Moxie


  • Beth Rodrigues

    Gaga does Versace better than Donatella…way better!!!

  • Hannah

    It takes a lot to overshadow Donatella, but Lady Gaga makes it look easy. I adore this dres, I just don’t like the black of the belt or the clutch. Her hair and dress are perfection. I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but this is the right balance of simplcity and uirk she needed, the editting really paid off.
    Also, if this is her post weight gain, I better hit the gym.

  • DorianGray

    Love both, maybe Donatella even more.

  • Christine

    BDOTW!! She looks amazing 😀

  • I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!

  • Petra

    AMAZING. This look screams glamour.

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