Nina Dobrev In Elie Saab – ‘Argo’ Premiere After Party

Nina Dobrev attended the Argo premiere after party at the Soho House during the 2012 Toronto Film Festival.

The actress looked gorgeous wearing a red hot Elie Saab Resort 2012 dress.

Her cap-sleeve dress with plunging neckline and folded peplum-detail was paired with lilac platform sandals, not an obvious combination, but one that works for me.

Enviable side-swept glossy curls, a bold red lip colour to match her dress and diamond earrings provided the finishing touches to her look.

The only thing I would do differently with this look is keep the belt.

Credit: & Getty

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  • dd

    cheap and tacky

  • Moxie

    A little too much cleavage, hate the red/lilac combination (although I love the shoes), and she needed the belt.

  • Christine

    I missed the belt but I am loving her RC style lately.

  • Taksi

    This look’s kind of a mess for me. The makeup’s garish; I don’t think that lip color is right for her coloring but coupled with the red dress, it’s too much. The cleavage takes the sophistication out of the dress. The lilac shoes are unexpected, I like them by themselves but they don’t go w/the dress.

  • CreoleLady

    Far more elegant on the model. Excessive boobage, the color change, the chop and the somewhat random shoes all cheapen the look for me.

  • I like her make-up. I prefer the dress on the model.

  • Molly

    I never would have thought that this was Elie Saab. I honestly thought that this was a cheaper brand like Reiss or ASOS- anything but Saab.

  • robbie

    glad to see she has done “something” with her hair for a change. the dress is alright much nicer on the model though.

  • Rebecca Z

    A little too much boob for me too–agree that this neckline works better on someone flatter, or maybe she needed a larger size. I see no logic in the lilac shoes–for me they cheapen this sophisticated dress, as does the loss of the belt. The shoes are a distraction.

  • Hisadora

    I love Nina’s style and she looks very beautiful and classy here!! The dress is amazing on her

  • lu

    For me she hasn’t lok this good in a while. Red really suits her. I don’t miss the belt and the lilac shoes are an unexpective choice but they work well. Glad that she did something different with her hair other than straight locks. It is a little bit too much clevage but she get’s a pass since a love the entire look.

  • Vanashree

    I agree with you FC…this outfit needed belt

  • GeorgieS

    Cool to see something a little different from mr Saab

    She looks sexy and sophisticated at the same time – love the shoe color combo

  • Zerina

    FC, what happened to BDOTW? xD I am confused.

    • Fashion Critic

      If I had put up BDOTW now, people would’ve complained that I missed all the weekend Toronto premiere’s.

  • jo

    I love this dress on her, not sure about the colour combo though. I don’t like lilac on it’s own so maybe that is why.

    • tiffany

      I’m quite sure I dislike that combo. esp as a platform

  • Laura


    But this dress is Blake Lively’s worthy

  • CC

    not crazy about that much cleavage. would be better suited for someone not so busty. it just looks un-ladylike to me. guess i’m getting conservative in my old age


    • EmmaWoodhouse

      Unladylike…yes, unfortunately it does. I agree with you. I preferred the runway magenta, but the neckline is too much, especially on someone with any shape. I love the peplum but miss the belt…and I’m not sure about the lilac accessories.

  • Yeliz

    The red and lilac combination works for me too. And I also agree that it would be better if she had kept the belt, but she looks beautiful nonetheless.

    • admmgz


    • Aline


    • Alina


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