Victoria Beckham In Victoria Beckham – Bergdorf Goodman Celebrates Fashion’s Night Out

Victoria Beckham attended the Bergdorf Goodman Celebrates Fashion’s Night Out shebang in New York City last night.

Victoria chose one of her own designs – a body contouring, tangerine dress from her eponymous label – for the event.

For fear of stating the obvious, this look is not a departure for Victoria. The British expat is a fan of orange dresses and knows what suits her – and sticks to it. She’s also aware that she’s the best advertisement for her brand.

A messy braid, Proenza Schouler colour-block toe-cap pumps and a delicately smokey eye completed her look.

Proenza Schouler Colorblock Cap Toe Pumps

You can buy Victoria’s Proenza Schouler colour-block toe-cap pumps from

Credit: Getty

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  • jkwan

    I felt like she never really accessorizes.
    It’s a great look, but it’s screaming for some kinda jewelry to me, like bangle or watch or earrings.

  • nokia

    what did u think about her shoes here FC? Did u like it? or u were just glad that she didnt wear boots or daf?

    • Fashion Critic

      they are ok

  • I’m starting to get bored by this silhouette

  • Laura

    Victoria Beckham + Anna Wintour = epic

  • Ruth

    I like her hair. However, I’m so sick of this pose. She sticks out, and not in a good way.

  • Lee

    All I could see was no gigantic platforms. I love the shoes, I think they are good with the dress. She definitely needs a new pose, though.

  • When Anna is laughing and you are posing, she is going to be pissed. 😀

  • moja31

    I want those shoes!

  • Slash

    Well, I for one can’t get enough of her dresses. She is perfection, head to toe here. I love this.

  • Yeliz

    I like this look from head to toe, but I’m really tired of her pose.

    • Alina


      • Anita

        + 200000

        lol- the pose & the no smiling thing is just annoying now (although she seems to be “smizing” there)

        When Anna Wintour – the supossed “ice queen” (rme)is more jovial than you; its time to reassess your persona.

  • Pene

    probably i’ve been influenced bya different artcle i’ve read about this dress so i cant help but wonder, where is her chest

  • robbie

    would it kill her to wear strappy sandals, no doubt she has large bunions but surely she can afford to get those fixed.

    the dress is nice but its the same as pretty much every other victoria beckham dress she wears, the shoes are also nice but not with the dress.

  • TeaAtTwo

    I hope Anna gives her a cover.

  • M

    ive said it before, n i will say it again.. i absolutely adore her.. great that shes in colours.. i guess she goes by if it aint broken dun change it.. nice shoes though!

  • GORGEOUS!!!!

    • tiffany

      +2 exactly

  • Christine

    I t would be nice to see her rocking something different. The orange dress is a beauty of course.

  • Dolly

    This is becoming increasingly ‘Dress the paper dolly’, same pose, same type of dress, same face. She looks lovely but I miss the days when she mixed it up and dared to try different designers, etc. Pleased to see she is wearing different shoes though

    • EmmaWoodhouse

      I am in total agreement with every word you said. I love this dress, but everything is the same!

    • Iris

      + 1

    • Serena

      Completely agree with you. She always looks the same since she began her own line. This orange frock looks exactly like the countless others she’s worn in the past. So bored with Victoria’s style, she used to be much more interesting.

    • Jones19

      Don’t forget she always has on the same makeup and the same hairstyle. I’m getting beyond bored.

    • helene

      +1!! I agree 🙁

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