30.08.12 Sidewalk Style

Rachel Bilson In Zoe Karssen – Out In LA

Superheroes have dominated the box office this summer and celebs are using this as inspiration for their street-style clobber.

Rachel Bilson was spotted out in Los Feliz, California, with boyfriend Hayden Christensen wearing a Zoe Karssen Batman tank.

She styled her superhero top with light denim jeans, and some high-end accessories including red Chanel flats with a black toe-cap, a black Hermès Birkin bag, and Chloé sunglasses.

You may remember that Cheryl Cole recently wore a Batman-printed dress, so I have to ask, what’s so great about Batman?

What about some Spider-man love?

You can buy Rachel’s Zoe Karssen tank top as a tee from

Credit: FameFlynet

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  • Niamh

    Oh my gosh I need that T-shirt now 🙂 and as for Batman, he has a very edgy, angry and mysterious side which comes accross so well in the recent films in my opinion thanks to Mr Bale.

  • Batman is much better than Spiderman. He’s absolutely more handsome and he has that dark side which most of us, women, like. And he’s a man, not a boy. I think there’s no comparison, FC 🙂
    Plus, considering the actors playing the roles… C. Bale is so much better and handsome than A. Garfield!

  • Maya

    I agree that the Dark Knight Rises was a little disappointing, but the Dark Knight in 2008 redefined the superhero movie genre in my opinion. So Batman will always win for me, plus it helps that I find Christian Bale really hot as Batman 🙂

    • ANI

      He’s SO hot! 😀

      • Katy

        Agreed 🙂

  • Christine

    Batman is just way cooler as Spider man is a geek
    🙂 A cute one though!

    I like the shirt. I would buy it.

  • Bec

    Batman > Spiderman

    That’s why!! 🙂 🙂

  • Batman is in my opinion the most fashionable hero ever since having a Andy Warhol interpretation in the 60s. And you know, black and bats, so minimalist and cool.

  • RNA

    Oh, there’s a lot of Spiderman love, all right. Without going full geek mode here, no one can really base how loved Spidey and Batman are on the movies or clothes with their image printed on them. Both characters are “accessible” to the audience because one goes through everyday situations that anyone can relate to (Spidey) and the other stops foes with intelligence and detective skills (Batman). That’s just the tip of the iceberg, through.

    Getting right back to business, the shirt is adorable, and the look is perfect for a sunny summer day.

  • Fashionmint

    I m a batman fan gurl…credit much = Christian Charles Philip Bale Omo I love him

  • robbie

    she looks pretty nice.

    i dont get the hype over batman, but then again i can not stand christian bale with a passion so that probably adds to it. loved the tim burton batman movies though. i love me some spider-man though, just wish they would include black cat in the movies.

    • Katy

      What?! Christian Bale is absolute perfection in the role!!! But I guess the great thing about superheroes is each actor who portrays them offers their unique take on the character, so we can all have our favourite Bruce Wayne/Batmans!

  • Sofia

    How can you even say that? Batman is, no questions asked, the best superhero ever! And the movies are by far the best superhero I’ve ever seen.
    I love the t-shirt, too.

    • I agree with you, it’s so cute! Batman is the best superhero, there’s non competition!

  • Jones19

    Batman is the coolest superhero by far. Love her modifications.

  • Milah

    Me too! Although Christopher Nolan is exec producing which makes me feel very optimisitc, you can probably tell I’m a bit of a Nolan fangirl!

    • Milah

      Oops sorry that was meant to be a reply to you FC.

      • Fashion Critic

        I got it 🙂

  • Milah

    After Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy Batman seems like the coolest/edgiest superhero and deservedly so. I would love to see if Superman gets the same love when ‘Man of Steel’ comes out next summer!

    • Fashion Critic

      I hope the Man of Steel doesn’t suck like the last Superman movie.

      • Katy

        Haha that was awful! I love that Amy Adams is playing Lois Lane though. But Batman is just insanely cool, how can you not love a billionare who dresses up like a bat by night?!

        • ANI


  • lu

    batman is edgier! cute look.

  • Juliana

    Despite being more of a Marvel girl myself, I gotta say that poor Spidey has suffered a great deal when it comes to his movies. Andrew Garfield has done an amazing job revitalizing the character, but the movies…meh. The Batman franchise has been better worked, I think.

    But anyways, off to Ms Bilson’s look now! I really like her top and how a superhero top is paired with a Hermès bag and things simply come together!

    • Fashion Critic

      I think I’m the only one who preferred The Amazing Spider-Man to The Dark Knight Rises. Maybe its because I love Emma and Andrew together

      • Lara

        I actually agree with you, FC. Overall, I think Nolan’s Batman movies were great, but comparing Dark Knights Rises with The amazing Spiderman (Garfield/Stone), the latter wins for me.

      • sara

        i’m with you, batman does nothing for me, i really don’t understand the hype and find it boring

      • EmmaWoodhouse

        The Amazing Spider-man was AWESOME–I totally agree, LOVED Andrew and Emma together! 😀 😀 😀 They were so cute I almost died–went and saw it in theaters three times. 🙂
        Rachel’s looks is cute, I would like to see some “Spidey love” and also some Avengers love? The Avengers “A” logo would make a cool t-shirt design. 🙂

  • Petra

    Batman is pretty awesome so I love this look.

  • Mahima

    Batman is just better.

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