On The Set Of Gossip Girl With Blake Lively In Rag & Bone

Blake Lively was photographed on the set of ‘Gossip Girl’ in New York City while filming scenes with co-star Penn Badgley on Tuesday.

Her character Serena has had some crazy outfits, so I would be interested to know how you feel this one measures up.

I really despise those Rag & Bone colour-block skinny jeans.

We first saw them in a different colourway on Ashanti; I disliked them then, and that feeling hasn’t changed upon seeing them on Blake Lively.

The pieces I would save from this look are the Burberry Prorsum ‘The Orchard’ bag, which is similar to the one carried by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the statement necklace, the sexy silk animal-print top and the Forte Forte maroon long cardigan, but the clunky boots and jeans just have to go.

Carefree tresses completed her look.

‘Gossip Girl’ is set to premiere in the US on October 8.

Forte Forte cardiganfarfetch.com US and farfetch.com
Rag & Bone jeansIntermix
Burberry Prorsum bagNet-A-Porter.com and Nordstrom.com in plum and tan

13 thoughts on “On The Set Of Gossip Girl With Blake Lively In Rag & Bone

  1. Liana

    These pants are quite ugly : reminds me of the patch trend that was going on in the first part of the 2000′s years.

    As Rash has stated though, that necklace is wonderful.

  2. carolina

    The pants look as if they belong on a court jester – or at the least, a foppish nobleman, topped by ballooning pantaloons.

  3. shaun

    clearly the budget on this show isnt what it use to be! this looks a hot mess and most of the pics i have seen from this upcoming season the clothes looks a hot mess. the are just trying way to hard with the styling lately. wonder if they got rid of the old costume designer, eric daman

  4. Moxie

    Call me crazy, but I kind of like it. I’d like it better if the pants had been a solid color, though. And the necklace doesn’t go.

  5. christine

    i have never really liked serena’s costumes on the show except for in the season where it started off in paris. For whatever reason she was dressed phenomenally while they were shooting in paris. other than that she always kind of looks like a hot mess on the show. Blair’s costumes and usually better.

  6. EmmaWoodhouse

    I don’t like the jeans on her very well, but laid-out in the advertisement they’re kind of cool. I’d have to see them in person. I don’t like her shirt or the boots very much, but I do love the sweater and bag.


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