Mindy Kaling In Equipment, Tracy Reese & Milly – The Hollywood Reporter Celebrates ‘The Mindy Project’

The Hollywood Reporter celebrated ‘The Mindy Project’ at the Skybar in West Hollywood, California, on Saturday night, with the guest of honour, Mindy Kaling, front and centre.

Mindy wore a mix of separates which included an Equipment blue python-print blouse, a Tracy Reese black-and-ecru scallop turnlock cardigan and a cute Milly ‘Delphnie’ flared leather skirt.

A black-and-silver Dannijo crystal drop necklace and glittery earrings plus a pair of Jerome C. Rousseau “Orner” pewter strappy platform sandals accessorized her look.

For me there is too much going on here.

Mindy should’ve settled on the shirt, skirt and sandals. The necklace was one piece too many for this look.

Equipment Python Print BlouseShopbop.com
Dannijo Crystal Drop NecklaceStyleBop.com
Milly ‘Delphnie’ skirtNet-A-Porter.com

Credit: Getty

14 thoughts on “Mindy Kaling In Equipment, Tracy Reese & Milly – The Hollywood Reporter Celebrates ‘The Mindy Project’

  1. dee

    Nothing works here. The skirt especially is making her look much bigger than what she is. The shoes don’t flatter her feet. The cardigan shortens her waistline. This is not good.

  2. Nancy

    The skirt is not the right cut/style for her body. It is not flattering at all. Too short and way too much going on on top. Basically everything is wrong. Wrong shoes for skirt, wrong jacket for blouse. Complete fail if you ask me.

  3. mm

    She needs to unbutton that shirt, with large bosom you need to open up the neckline. the coat is to tight, I agree with everyone to many trends going on

  4. Moxie

    I agree with the others — nothing is working here. She has a lovely figure, but these pieces are all hitting in the wrong place, they’re the wrong shape… not a flattering look.

  5. andrea

    This outfit is overkill, too many trends at once. She has a beautiful face and a curvy figure, once she masters how to dress for her shape and follow the old Chanel rule of taking one piece off before she leaves the house she’ll be wowing us in no time – we hope!!

  6. Malinda Jane

    I love Mindy but she does not know how to dress her body.
    This might look better without the cardigan, but I don’t know if even that could save her. Everything she has on is making her look super bulky when she’s not.

  7. Nat39

    Dreadful, doesn’t she own a mirror?? Please, learn how to dress for your body type!! Absolutely horrible, stumpifying, her figure is displayed in a very unflattering way.

  8. Amy

    there isn’t too much going here. She just looks constipated. The cardigan is so tight that it might burst if she exhales and the skirt isn’t the best for her.

  9. Tracy L

    I too love Mindy and can’t wait to see her new show. I think that if the skirt had been a pencil skirt it might have worked.

  10. Noemi

    I didn’t know who she was till now… well, she definitely doesn’t know how to dress. The necklace is the only thing I like of the look, and it’s hardly visible… And the skirt would be unflattering on everyone which is not size 2 or 4. But the thing I don’t understand, really, is the cardigan.


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