Miranda Kerr In Equipment – Out In Sydney

Will we ever tire of seeing Miranda Kerr’s flawless street style? I think not.

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel showed off her impeccable taste once again on Sunday afternoon while taking a stroll in Sydney, Australia, with hubby Orlando Bloom.

In addition to her trusted skinny jeans, Miranda donned a cute black-and-blue floral top by her favourite off-duty brand Equipment.

The look was casually accessorized with black flats, an orange shoulder bag and Miu Miu cat-eye tortoiseshell sunnies.

Do any other stars really compete with Miranda’s pitch-perfect off-duty style?

You can buy Miranda’s Equipment blouse from Bloomingdale’s.

Credit: FameFlynet

17 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr In Equipment – Out In Sydney

  1. Ade

    It’s the effortless way she presents herself that I love. It’s not about who she’s wearing, its about how she’s wearing it. I appreciate her simplistic approach to her everyday wardrobe. It’s not her trying hard *CoughsRihannaCoughs*

    1. rita

      I think I prefer Rihanna’s exotic street style. Miranda is more British street style and sometimes I like more colourful style like Rihanna’s. I guess Barbados has more appeal to me than London. Miranda is flawless when it comes to street style but I like it when it goes edgier the way Rihanna does it.

  2. andrea

    She always looks great – after the modeling gigs end she would make a fabulous stylist. FC – if you dont have a “Best Street Style” for the end of the year voting you should definitely add this category and Ms. Kerr would most likely take the cake.

  3. Eve

    Her street style is absolutely perfect: not a hint of trying too hard, she always looks very polished and wll put together yet effortless, fresh and comfortable. I never noticed her outside of VS campaigns before, but in the last year or two she became my street style icon.

  4. Odette

    Besides Eva Mendes, Miranda has the best Arm Candy right FC?


    Hey FC, you probably have this in the works, but I was wondering if you could do a Celebrity Obsession for Miranda Kerr and Equipment. I would love to see a compilation of how she styles them and if they are still available. I am curious if there is a pattern to how she styles them, like only with jeans or shorts.

    Even though celebs are now obsessed with Equipment, Miranda Kerr is their biggest fan; they should tap her for their campaigns because she clearly knows what she is doing.

  5. Fiona

    I am with you FC, she is impeccable, I have never seen her put a foot wrong, whether she is casual like this or in more ladylike ensembles she just put things together so easily. Her grooming is alway perfect too, a very impressive young lady.

  6. Mia

    Do any other stars really compete with Miranda’s pitch-perfect off-duty style?
    —-too many…come on!

    it’s so strange to see FC will give her such a praise.she looks good when doing street set-up,but just good. Her style never brings me any speical or unique feeling.


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