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Jessica Biel In Elie Saab – ‘Total Recall’ Berlin Premiere

Jessica Biel donned her second Elie Saab frock of the ‘Total Recall’ promo tour at the Berlin premiere, held at the Sony Center in Germany this evening.

The actress shimmered on the red carpet wearing a fully-embellished sleek black halter Elie Saab Fall 2012 gown with a open sexy-back — see what I did there?

After opting for a sweeping updo for the photocall, the bangs were back on this occasion. Is this a deal-breaker?

To show off that gorgeous neckline Jessica swept her hair up into a tight bun, selecting simple jewels to complementing her gown.

I love the dress, the hair, the makeup, but that bag.

The oversized Fendi black velvet clutch with gold detailing really has no business being near this gown.

Believe it or not I do like Jessica. I just wish she would give me a reason to love a look from head-to-toe without having to add the words, ‘but’ for every look.

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  • bm

    I don’t like it, everything here are don’t work for her.

  • Amy

    I think she looks great enough for me to forget the bag

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    This look just doesn’t really work for me. It’s not my style.

  • Ericka

    She looks really amazing here and the bangs work for me. She looks so great I had to go back and look at the clutch—nobody is looking at that clutch! Wow. BDOTW worthy.

    • tiffany

      I’m with you. I’m either not paying attention to it, or don’t find it that offensive. Though large, the velvet doesn’t distract from the dress. For me, unless it IS your statement piece, that’s exactly what you want.

  • Jess2

    Oh I see what you did there! I am in complete agreeance FC, love everything but the clutch. I really like the bangs on this occasion.

  • Colleen

    I’m with everyone else – I love everything but the clutch. Way too big.

  • TeaAtTwo

    The clutch is a tad distracting but nice in itself. Once you look at Jessica she does look great. The bangs aren’t annoying at all here. She’s redeeming herself to house of Elie Saab after New york.

  • Alina

    The dress looks stunning on her, but the clutch …

  • Shelby

    BDOTW nominee

  • Aline

    I didn’t even have time to hate on the clutch because I was too busy first hating on the bangs. God, I hate them SO much. I was extremely annoyed that she was wearing such a gorgeous Elie Saab dress when she has no style whatsoever and then I spotted the clutch and it got even worse. Just ugh.

  • daniela

    Get a new stylist already please! The dress is breathtaking on her but the styling is awful. I hope that the clutch was chosen because Fendi paid her to hold it (as it should be the only reason why), but really thats not enough to ruin some beautiful dress. This promo tour for her has been a disaster of styling. Great dresses ruined by poor accessory choices. I’m literally yelling at my computer screen right now with anger and frustration!!!! On the other hand, while Jessica has had possibly the worst press tour of the year….. Kate Beckinsale has been killing it (still hasn’t consistently blown me away though).

    • goldfish

      really? i don’t think kate has been that great either…

  • Jay

    This is the best she’s looked in a gown in years! She’s pretty much already got my vote for BDOTW!

  • noo

    frankly i don’t find one fault with this look, not even the wth clutch 😀

  • Dani

    Argh. I hate the neckline. Well, I guess it isn’t even the neckline, but the shoulder/sideboob line. It makes her boobs look like they’re down at her waist.

  • justme

    “with a open sexy-back — see what I did there?” LOL nice. I was wondering where was Mr Timberlake. He could have been her plus one at one of these premieres, smh.

    Anyway, the bangs are back with a vengeance and they came with back up in the form of that dreadful clutch.
    Beautiful dress though.

  • Fromchi-town

    I think she looks gorgeous. I am trying my best to ignore the clutch 🙂
    But to give credit where its due, Jessica surprised me in a good way on this prmo tour so far.

  • Mia

    she looks hot! finally!

  • MEME


  • Yeliz

    The only thing I love about this look is the stunning gown. No words for the clutch.

  • LizLemoooon

    FINALLY a stunning well fitted, flattering dress

    And then there’s the clutch.

    She tries so hard but just can’t get it quite right. This girl needs to get some backbone, stop listening to Justin, find a new stylist and start wearing what looks good and feels right rather than what she *thinks* she should wear.

    The gown is a great step in the right direction and the hair looks great but wow that big bag :/

  • Rebecca Z

    Great dress which she wears really well. The clutch is a distraction, certainly, but she pretty much rises above it. I actually like her bangs with her hair up like this–not so overwhelming as when her hair is down.

  • gabis

    I had never really understood the power of a clutch to ruin an entire outfit until today. Awful, bizarre clutch aside, she looks breathtaking. For the sake of her stylist, I hope the clutch was a last minute thing.

    • It would have been so easy to just toss the clutch in the last minute! And I saw what you did there FC 😀

    • Molly

      Agreed! This is one of those times where a boring black clutch would have been the best coice for her.

  • TL

    She looks gorgeous and sexy, this is her best look so far. But yes, she doesn’t need the clutch.

  • Francesca

    I saw what you did there. Took me a while though. 😀

    I agree. The bag is a big no-no. She does look stunning!

  • Nat39

    She looks so gorgeous and sexy, my fav. look from her in a long while, she works the sexiness of the look really well, I can even overlook that clutch on this occasion.

  • shap_half

    That bag just ruins it for me. Everything else is so pretty and sleek and the bag just gets in the way of all of that. Eek!

    • Christine

      I know. The dress is a killer. BDOTW even but the bag just ruins the look.

    • Jones19

      That bag is an eyesore.

  • Serena

    Love the look minus the clutch.

    • dee


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