Laura Dundovic In Manning Cartell – ‘The Campaign’ Sydney Premiere

Laura Dundovic hit the red carpet at Hoyts EQ ‘The Campaign’ premiere in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday afternoon.

The model, presenter and former Miss Universe Australia looked sensational wearing a Manning Cartell Spring 2012 keyhole dress which showcased two of her finely toned abs.

Her black-and-white floral print dress was styled with a grey clutch and white pumps.

Needless to say, I would’ve preferred grey suede peep-toes or strappy sandals with this look. The white pumps pull this fashion forward dress down a few notches.

A single braid sweeping from left to right over her ombre locks and flawless makeup completed her look.

Yay or nay on the white pumps?

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17 thoughts on “Laura Dundovic In Manning Cartell – ‘The Campaign’ Sydney Premiere

  1. Shaina

    I have a hard time liking this look since I much, much prefer the runway version. But I don’t like the white pumps, I also don’t like her hair. If those two things were fixed this could have been a good look.

    1. Rebecca Z

      Agree–the runway fabric is much better for this design. Not fond of it in the grey/white print.

  2. the(un?)social butterfly

    To be perfectly honest, what bothers me here is the awful orange “sun” tan and the dark roots, plus her hair color looks cheap against her skin (which color wouldn´t, though). Same goes for the white pumps, the contrast with her skin cheapens the look a lot.

  3. EmmaWoodhouse

    Ouch…too much tan, I don’t like the hair color, the cutout is tacky, and the white pumps are really an eyesore. I like the print but the overall look doesn’t work for me.

  4. bm

    Too much tan and the white pumps bring down the whole look. It’s a shame coz I love her version of dress better than the runway.

    1. Lauren

      Yes, I follow her on Instagram she’s been holidaying in Europe so i think the tan is mostly natural.

      Nay on the white pumps and the fact that they are round toe… A nice open toe sandal would have been preferred for this summery look.

      The hair could have been pulled in a slick pony tail or a loose bun.

  5. Jess2

    Love the dress but it is a no from me in the shoe department. Not really loving her ombre hair or the OTT tan either. This look had good potential, it is a shame the styling wasn’t great

  6. Dhppy

    Though I never shared your distaste of white shoes, FC, I must admit to hating these. They are killing this outfit.

  7. Courtney Grace

    I don’t love the shoes but what I really don’t like about this look is her overly tanned skin and blonde/brown hair (can she not just choose one color?). If everything else looked a little more natural, I would have loved her in this dress.


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