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Elle Macpherson's Christian Louboutin Cris Vintage iPad Case

Elle Macpherson’s Christian Louboutin Cris Vintage iPad Case

  • Ann

    Victoria Beckham this week for mine

  • Sharon

    Dita is my choice, although Miranda Kerr looks pretty great too.

    Great fashion choices this week, FC. I want the Charlotte Olympia pumps *now*!

    • Fashion Critic

      me too… 😀

  • Rash

    I actually find this week better than last week 🙂 Bianca and Dita for me.. All were very good.. But with these two we got to see the modern and the old glamour vibe!!

    Have a great weekend FC!

  • Marybeth

    Easy choice this week, at least for me.

    Of the others my favorites are Zendaya and Bianca.

  • Parvati

    I voted for Bianca Balti in Fendi.
    I also loved Maria Sharapova’s and Miranda Kerr’s looks.

  • rita

    I had to go with Bianca Balti, the colors are perfect and so summery. I do love Maria Sharapova and Michelle Williams also!

  • TL

    Definitely Bianca Balti, she rocked that outfit, love the yellow-blue combination.

    Runners up will be Miranda Kerr, Maria Sharapova and Jessica Biel.

  • MoxieSue

    Dita for me. She looks fantastic. Zendaya and Victoria Beckham follow close behind.

    If only Bianca Balti hadn’t added the ridiculous underskirt she would have had my vote. I just don’t like the double skirt look — she looks like a 50’s housewife with a lovely dress and apron. All she’s missing is a pearl necklace.

  • Sanette

    Biel was my favourite but since she isn’t here I had to vote for Diane in Alaia.

  • Nat39

    Dita hands down, like a flawless work of art, she creates a mood, impeccable, confident, sexy, she commands that retro glamour look whereas someone else would’ve looked ott fake and try hard.
    Loved Maria’s beautiful feminine J.Mendel gown but unfortunately she didn’t sell it to me. One needs elegance to pull off such a gown.

  • Yeliz

    Bianca Balti in Fendi for me. My runners up are Vanesa Romero in Sportmax and Jessica Biel in Christian Dior.

  • Odette

    Maria Sharapova wins for me. Why? Because Dita von Teese always looks the same, so it is just down to the clothes.

    Maria looked perfect and chose the perfect look for her. She has never looked better. It truly was a wow moment, and that is what BDOTW is all about.

  • Shaina

    Dita Von Teese gets my vote this week. I absolutely love her one of a kind Jenny Packham gown. Her signature hair and makeup work really well with it and she looks beautiful as always.

    Runners up in order are Bianca Balti in Fendi and Diane Kruger in Marchesa.

  • Alina

    Miranda Kerr for me.

    Have a sunny weekend, FC!

    • +1. A weak week of fashion IMO. (No knocks to you FC, of course 🙂

      • Fashion Critic

        very quiet week…I’m guessing it will be for a while. Everyone is on vacation or filming

    • Alina

      Just realised : no Nieves look this week?

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