Celebrities Love…Jelly Sandals

Once an early 90s footwear staple, jelly shoes are making something of a comeback.

Anne Hathaway and Fearne Cotton were spotted wearing them a while back. But the trend seems to be gathering pace with two recent sightings courtesy of Azealia Banks last month and Nicola Roberts donning a black Topshop pair this weekend at Wireless Festival.

The retro, quirky shoes have been revamped to come in a variety of standout neon colours for those who are daring. Or you can keep the look simple by selecting in a shiny black or transparent pair.

From T-bar styles to flip flops to pumps, the jelly shoe can instantly give your wardrobe a colour boost for summer.

Are you welcoming this comeback or does it bring back painful childhood memories? (Blisters, sweaty feet?)

You can buy these jelly sandals from very.co.uk, Topshop International and Topshop US.

Credit: FameFlynet & Getty

21 thoughts on “Celebrities Love…Jelly Sandals

  1. Protoss

    Remember how we ALL laughed at Angelina doing splits on the Oscars’ red carpet?
    And how everyone is doing that a few months down the road?

    Be afraid.
    Be VERY afraid. (Of the jelly sandals taking over our lives, of course.)

  2. Liana

    The transparent ones look great and I’m glad they are making somewhat of a comeback ; it’s cute, easy to wear and a great alternative to those flip flop we see everywhere!

    But the other ones are quite ugly…

  3. Kathy

    these shoes are simply AWFUL!

    I like the brazilian brand “Melissa”, that only makes plastic shoes but those on this post are scaaaryyy

  4. Malinda Jane

    I had clear platform jellies that I was obsessed with. I would rather not revisit that look.

    I hope chunky shoes aren’t making a comeback.

  5. dunzoo

    no way! i think they can be quite fun and cute, but they are way too uncomfortable for my taste

  6. Hannah

    I remember these being huge when I was about 4, I had a red pair and a sparkly translucent pink pair, by the time I was 6 I refused to wear them because they are hideous, not to mention painful.
    Why one would choose to wear them makes no sense to me.

  7. Isa

    Sorry, but that’s horrendous… It’s very common here in Brazil, the Melissa brand does that since forever… it was “in” 15 years ago but until today they keep showing up once in a while..I hate them

  8. Hailey

    Cringe, god these are so gross. I had a pair when I was really young ended up breaking the strap myself. I would never wear them now, and considering the shoe closets these girls have this is very scary.

  9. lechiffre

    I would NEVER EVER wear this. Not even in the grave.It brings back some memories from the old times here in Middle-Eastern Europe….And this times are gone.

  10. pipsqueak

    They’re no better than Crocs. Such ugly creatures. “All thumbs” is an idiom to describe someone who’s clumsy. I think there should be an expression such as “so and so is all Crocs or Jujus” to describe a clumsy person.


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