Lady Gaga In Aquilano.Rimondi – Crown Perth Hotel

Lady Gaga was greeted by a crowd of fans as she was spotted leaving the Crown Perth Hotel in Burswood Perth, Western Australia, yesterday.

With her hair extensions twisted into an intricate updo, the 26-year-old eccentric singer wore an Aquilano.Rimondi Fall 2012 dress.

The navy, green and black mini dress with a high neckline and cut-out detail that highlighted her cleavage didn’t need that necklace, but Gaga doesn’t do things by halves.

Towering in lace-up platform boots she styled her look with sunglasses and ruby earrings.

I love that the designers are finally getting some exposure, but I don’t like this look at all on Gaga.

She’s too busty for it, plus I’m not a fan of the necklace and hairdo.

Credit: & FameFlynet

12 thoughts on “Lady Gaga In Aquilano.Rimondi – Crown Perth Hotel

    1. rita

      Agree too. If like Angelina Jolie you don’t care about fashion, then choose to go the simple way and classy way but if like Gaga you pretend to love fashion, stop making a moquerie out of it. It’s frustrating because she has the chance to get all the best pieces of fashion but it’s all a game to her. Unlike Fan Bing Bing who actually loves fashion and respects it like it’s supposed to be because she knows how lucky she is to have the keys to the best designers wardrobe. Gaga is not even capable of looking normal while wearing clothes. STOP TRYING TOO HARD, YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE ! Sorry for my diatribe, she is getting boring to me and it’s just annoying lol

      1. Luisa

        Though I agree this isn’t Lady Gaga’s best looks by far, but I think we should be rather thankful to her for playing and truly enjoying fashion. I think to a point, if fashion is taken too seriously then fashion loses the fun and creativity that we love in fashion. Gaga is using fashion to express herself, not to make a mockery of designers. Frankly, I love it when she wears couture in the streets. I think the power behind it all is stunning. She’s bringing couture to the masses and not just to an all-exclusive red carpet event.

  1. Kathy

    It’s Perth, Western Australia. Not Perth Western, Australia.

    really sorry don’t mean to nitpick just my home town, (and this was the look gaga gives us? disappointing)

    1. Jess2

      I was disappointed as well Kathy! Did you see the picture on the front of The West? The dress was sooo tight it was basically cutting into her chest – ridiculous!

  2. Tiffany

    Loving GaGa’s slightly new fashion direction, saving the shock for dramatic pieces. This is no exception for me. Though it’s dark, she makes the ensemble look cute and light. Maybe it’s just her spirit. Either way, diggin it.


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