Nicole Kidman In Christian Dior – Richard Wilkins 25 Year Anniversary Fundraiser

Nicole Kidman attended the Richard Wilkins 25 Year Anniversary Fundraiser for Down Syndrome with her husband Keith Urban on Saturday evening at the Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia.

The actress opted for a simple chic look wearing a Christian Dior black dress.

Her floor-skimming tiered black dress with a ribbon at the waist was very event appropriate, plus it made her look so statuesque.

Sleek straight hair, red lips, gold accessories and silver bracelets completed her look.

Credit: Getty

16 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman In Christian Dior – Richard Wilkins 25 Year Anniversary Fundraiser

    1. snowlion

      Oh I agree, so pleased to see the blonde go!

      The outfit isn’t exciting, but it’s nice enough and she looks good.

    1. Marybeth

      Yes. The color is great but the girlish style doesn’t work for me, especially with such a sophisticated dress.

  1. Ramsay

    After a short break from commenting (since Cannes), Ms Kidman made me want to come back (and so did the fabulous Ms Banks in J Mendel) – Ms Kidman certainly looked better in Cannes (especially her hair) it’s very understated dress and I think it looks good on her- though I am not in awe of this I have to say that it is better than most of what we saw on her in 2011 (except the grammy dress) – her attempt at Elie Saab was not successful (let’s face it – her style is the opposite of what Mr Saab stands for), her attempt at avant garde in Proenza was close to a disaster – her attempt at haute even grand couture at the oscars made her look dated and ironically overdressed for the oscars, the rest was all forgettable – this is probably too but at least, it suits her body and it’s Parisian chic

  2. Hannah

    I reay dislike this entire look. It is still really bad, she hasn’t wowed me since about 2007. I don’t like the dress, espcially on her, I don’t like the hair, especially with the dress, and the jewels add to the mess that is this outfit. I also find the way she stands really rigid. She is very beautiful & tall & slender so she could pull off almost anything, so this really doesn’t cut it IMHO.

  3. Rebecca Z

    This is boring and, maybe it is the pose, but it makes her arms look about a mile long. She can do so much better.

  4. robbie

    really wish she would curl her hair to atleast his it a bit of life. the whole look is a snoozefest.

  5. Gloria

    I think she looks stunning and standing next to her husband (no picture of them together here)she looks even better!

  6. Grace Patricia

    I miss Nicole Kidman with the red Balenciaga dress a few years ago at the Oscars. It’s one of the most memorable moments on a red carpet ever.


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