Cheryl Cole In 3.1 Phillip Lim – Sightseeing In Paris

After an exhausting promo tour of London radio stations to promote her new single ‘Call My Name’, Cheryl Cole was spotted in Paris earlier today, indulging in some sightseeing with friends.

I’m sure she would’ve received a few double takes wearing this 3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2012 leopard-print jumpsuit.

Unfortunately for Cheryl it looks like a onesie as she doesn’t have what it takes to pull this off, especially when paired with black sneakers.

I do however love her chic black aviator sunglasses and wavy tresses.

Attention seeking or lacks style?

You can buy Cheryl’s 3.1 Phillip Lim jumpsuit from and Matches Fashion.

Credit: & FameFlynet

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  • Lou


  • Lisa-kaye

    As per usual, absolutely horrendous. What was she thinking seriously?? The worst dressed woman on the planet…period.

  • Parvati

    If she had worn it with a pair of heels, it might have looked better. But with these sneakers, the whole look is awful.

  • Brooke

    I see no merit in this ensemble. And is it me or is she wearing a wig nearly all the time?

    • Fashion Critic

      pretty much

    • EmmaWooodhouse

      “I see no merit in this ensemble” Exactly!

  • d

    so bad…
    op nice sandles and change the hairstyle lose the white string replace it with some kinda belt some braclets maybe……

  • Emily

    The sad thing is she thinks she looks amazing, but instead she looks like she is walking round in her pyjamas.

  • roxana


  • Emi

    It’s a lack of style, but honestly I don’t know who could pull off this ugly jumpsuit, but I would see Rihanna wearing this, but she has no sense of style, too. I wonder what it could come out if they would perform together… it’s better not to know.

  • jill

    i think she’s crazy.

  • Hisadora

    Seriously, what does she have in mind??? Her street looks have been REALLY ridiculous

  • Marybeth

    Well, it wouldn’t have been so awful if she had not worn those black sneaks.
    Far from great, mind you, but not so awful.

  • Petra

    I’ve always known that she lacked style but this is too much. Can someone please get her a stylist, it is getting too painful to watch. I like the jumpsuit alone, but omg the shoes. This is like the second worst outfit from her, right behind her leopard print curren/elliot’s and all the other stuff she’s just found on the floor outfit.

  • Linda

    It’s not a very attractive outfit, period.

  • sonia

    begging attention because of her lack of style!!! someone to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malinda Jane

    On her it looks like children’s pajamas. It could’ve been super chic with heels and sleek pulled back hair.
    I’d love to see this on someone else and see if they could save it.

    • Yeliz


  • firien

    I don’t get the intention, but she looks awful.

  • Badaboum

    Bang on the pyjama trend that I hate to much! Can’t wait for this trend to finally end.
    Nice sunglasses though…

  • Kiran

    I’m going to go with Option C) Attention seeking AND lacks style.

    • Fiona


      • Christine

        LOL. Both

    • Alina


  • Sophie

    I am 100% confident that this girl has absolutely zero sense of style or fashion. Its so blatantly obvious. Geez after a full yr of working with the stylist who put her on the map even Rihanna can put an outfit together. Cheryl’s style is so all over the place, and lacks a sense of direction and thus identity. I want to help her.

  • alex

    What. Cheryl, no.

  • robbie

    blimey her “style” just gets worse and worse. it looks terrible on the model but cherly manages to make it look 10 times more terrible.

    • Eimear

      Yeah.. she just still always looks like a wag on holiday.. I think shes just too ‘done’, Need to tone it down a bit, get rid of the extensions

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